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  1. Hi guys.. I went to the clinic yesterday to have my 5th month antenatal check-up and was hoping to know if my baby is a girl or a boy supposed to be yesterday. It was a government hospital so I'm not sure if they tell the sex of the baby... But I was disappointed after the doctor told me that they don't... If I want to, I need to go to the private doctor (again) to check my baby's sex!!! Arghhhhh!!!
  2. aww! Maybe it's a sign that the sex of your baby should be a surprise! :heart:
  3. i can't wait!! So what I did was I told the doctor that I've been taking pills after the first day of my last menstruation so that they will have an ultrasound for me!! and with that, i have another appointment on the 23rd.. But I'm not yet sure if they are going to tell me my baby's sex! huhuhu....
  4. Oh, that's frustrating!

    Thank goodness my doc told me and that I don't live in one of those countries where it's illegal to tell the sex!
  5. When I went in for my 15 week ultrasound with my daughter I wanted to find out what I was having but, they couldn't tell at all because the cord was wrapped in between her legs. I was really disappointed that day.
  6. Actually, it is allowed to tell the baby's sex here in Hong Kong. But not in the public doctor. Tsk Tsk. So that means, we still have to go to the private doctor just to find out my baby's gender!!