I am desperately looking for a hair style

  1. OK, My hair is dark brown, straight, pretty fine, and down to my bra strap, Well im bored with it, lol
    A girl did my makeup this weekend and I loved her hair, Hers is the same color & texture as mine but it was shoulder length, Slightly flipped out, with side swept bangs. My hair stylist works better on pictures and I cant find this anywhere, Has anyone else seen this? PLEASE help!!! :sos:
  2. sorry I sure I'm not much help... but it sounds like a longer version of amelie's haircut, with diffrent bangs ofcourse...
  3. here are some cute hair cuts!
    ashlee simpson 2.jpg denise 2.jpg denise 3.jpg
  4. this is very similar to what im looking for =)
  5. How about this one? I think it's so cute!

    Shoot, maybe it was too big, let go resize.
  6. Okay, hope it's there.
  7. Sarah Michelle's looks great! Although my hair right now looks more like Amelie's, with a thicker fringe.
  8. I love Amelie's haircut... My har is lond and dark and I think I would regret cutting it of... but I still dream of this haircut...
  9. Ohh, LOVE Ashlee's! Thanks, may have to show that to my stylist next time I go in... except a bit longer than her hair.
  10. I know I asked this questions a year and a half ago, lol, but im still looking! Any new suggestions? hehe
  11. Anybody? :search:
  12. i found a couple for you.... :biggrin:
    *the last one is my personal favorite!!!
    hair.jpg celebrity-bob-hairstyles.jpg hairstyles-for-medium-length-hair.jpg jennifer-lopez-bob-hairstyle.jpg shoulder-length-hairstyles-image-is012.jpg
  13. thank you!! I really like jessica's style!