I am depressed about selling a bag

  1. I am selling one of my handbags on eBay for the first time and it's depressing me. I know I'll have more money to buy more bags with, and I don't really NEED it (definitely have a few more bags) but it's one of my favorites. How do you ladies part with your bags? Do you sometimes talk yourself out of it in favor of keeping it?
  2. It doesn't really sound like you HAVE to sell it if the money is only going towards new bags... and if it's a favorite, a favorite is something you try to hold on to!
    You should probably consider selling only if you need the money for something else really important or if it's a bag you like but don't really wear and that isn't one of your favorites...
  3. It really is one of my favorites, and I don't want to give her up! So many memories ... I guess I've just been listening to my BF lately who thinks I am frivolous for spending on something he doesn't care about. But he spends money on things that I don't care about, and I should really call him on it more. I think I'm gonna take the auction down and devise a response to him:graucho:
  4. I take it out of my mind and do something else.. It's really depressing, I know how you feel! :O
  5. Only do it if you want/have to. Why does he seem to feel need to control you on this? This doesn't sound equal or fair to me.
  6. I have sold many bags to finance new ones. Only occasionally do I regret it. I am usually too busy enjoying my new ones. I try to keep only those bags I actually use.
  7. If you don't want to sell it and don't really need the money for something important, why not hang on to it? Just because your bf tells you to isn't reason good enough, in my book. It's none of his business how you spend your money, and I'm sure he spends money on his car and stereos and whatnot that you don't necessarily agree with, but let him anyway because that's none of your business either. As long as it makes you happy, it is money well spent. Live and let live :flowers:
  8. I wouldn't sell a bag I used and loved unless I really had to. If you don't really need to sell it, then maybe you should hold on to it? The last thing you want is to regret selling and then end up feeling like your bf pushed you into doing something you didn't want to do!
  9. I wouldn't sell the bag. Unless your boyfriend paid for it and you have some sort of agreement, he doesn't have the right to tell you to sell it.
  10. I wouldn't sell my favorite bag just because my boyfriend wanted me to. If you feel you must sell some bags, sell some of your less favorite ones. If you feel like you spend too much money on bags, then control your budget.
  11. Bingo on the boyfriend issue. He has no right to tell you what to do with your possessions OR your money. Take down the auction! Go to Match.com and find a new boyfriend! (OK, semi kidding on the last sentence.)
  12. Regardless of what your BF is saying, if it's one of your favorites, KEEP IT. Even if you needed the $, you'd find a way to scrounge the money from elsewhere. This bag is irreplaceable (because of the memories associated with it and because of what it means to you). Don't sell it!

  13. Maybe sell the boyfriend - keep the bag ? ;)
  14. Don't sell it. If it's one of your favorites, then keep it and sell one that you don't use.
  15. Agreed. You don't want to sell and it's one of your favorites. Keep it and hold off on a new bag. Makes sense to me:yes: