I am DELIGHTED to share my new addition with you!!!

Well I have wanted this bag for several months and of course as you all know with the shortage, popular bags have been hard to come by. I even found one on bonanza and it was not in like new condition but it sure did have full retail price. I did not want to pay retail price on a used bag....that's just me...:P

Anyways I lucked out last week and one was available and I hit "purchase now"!! I was so excited!!

Then the dreaded call and message from LV.com to call them about my order....the sadness filled my heart and I just new I was not going to get this bag. Turns out it was only a shipping issues and with glitches fixed they reprocessed my order and it arrived yesterday....:yahoo:

Anyone up for my reveal?? Any guesses???


Apr 21, 2009
That's what popped into my head for some reason after Tivoli which is why I asked tote? mono? That is so wierd!

AWESOME BAG! Model it for us :smile: I love the tree in the back ground too!!