I am curious! Which would you choose for a Gold Birkin....


Palladium or Gold Hardware, that is the Question?

  1. Palladium

  2. Gold

  3. Other (please specify in your post)

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  1. Gold togo/clemence with Palladium or Gold hardware, and why? And does it matter if it is a Birkin or Kelly?

    Just curious as to everyone's preferences. :nuts:
  2. Palladium. I think it looks young and fresh. And it matches my silver jewelry.

    On black, though, I like either.
  3. So you would choose palladium for a Gold birkin? Do you think it matters if it is a Kelly?
  4. Palladium for either a Kelly or a Birkin. Now I am a bit biased towards palladium hardware. I think depending on the leather, the gold on gold might either be too much or get lost. On the other hand, the palladium adds a nice coolness to a warm shade and brings out the contrasting stitching more
  5. If my name were Jag...Palladium. You wear quite a bit of white gold/silver IIRC.
  6. Gold. I love the combination of those warm colours with gold.
  7. ^me too, C. I have gold on both my Birkin and caramel Kelly (shopmoms choice!). It'[s so lovely and warm.
  8. Palladium gets my vote :yes:
  9. I like either but if I HAD to choose - GH for a Kelly and PH for a Birkin.
  10. i like gold for a kelly and palladium for a birkin.

    ETA: irene, what excellent taste you have!!!
  11. I am a complete Palladium fan and it is what I have as Jag knows since she was so kind with my photographic ineptitude. I am fair and wear silver/platinum/cool shades so there was never a choice for me. I was slightly concerned that 'Gold' implied a warmth that meant Palladium might look a bit odd but it just looks amazing!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Am I that obvious! LOL! It's true, I hardly ever wear yellow gold- only palladium or white gold. But do you think that matters? Can I wear gold hardware even though my jewelry is white gold?
  13. I was a pall fan for gold until I saw pics of Starr's bags.......*sigh*......
  14. No, I don't.
  15. That's good to hear because I am not sure which hardware I like best on Gold Togo/clemence. Some days I lean towards Gold hardware, others palladium looks great.