I am curious: if buyer backed out but offered relisting fee...?

  1. Sorry i'm very curious, but I was wondering if a buyer had buyer's remorse but offered to pay you relisting fees, would you still really hate the buyer and leave a neg?

    This isn't happening to me right now, nor am I the buyer by the way. I'm just very curious.
  2. This just happened to me this past week and I didn't leave a negative (the buyer bought the item and then balked and said it was an impulse buy and she didn't have enough money, etc.) and refunded me my fees. I didn't leave a negative because I have a 100% rating and I didn't want anything to happen to it.

    The weird thing is...is that the potential buyer left me a positive saying the transaction had gone smoothly. What transaction? Is she just doing this to get more feedback ratings? Weird.
  3. Would I hate them? LOL Probably not. Would I leave a negative? I *might*, since after all they are a nonpaying bidder, but it would really depend on how promptly they communicated, what exactly they said, their manner, etc. If they didn't make me mad in the process I'd consider leaving them a neutral that stated the facts, but I would also rightly file with eBay for my FVFs. Otherwise I would probably just leave no FB at all.
  4. If the buyer offers to pay me the listing fees and I get my FVFs back from eBay, I wouldn't hate her and/or leave her a neutral or negative. I'll just move on.
  5. ^^ ditto, move on. Its bound to happen sometimes. Usually when I have had this problem its almost always someone who is new to eBay. So I added a little note on my auctions, please email me if you have less than x feedbacks, I just want to make sure they understand the terms and take bidding seriously.

    I much rather prefer a bidder who pays per the terms but like I said sometimes people change their minds. So if that is going to happen I prefer they cancel the transaction right from the beginning and not after, I rather not have to deal with chargebacks or SNAD dispute.
  6. I've had this happen before- the buyer backed out but offered to pay my fees. She was very contrite and sweet about it. She paid my fees and left me great feedback, so I did the same for her.
  7. Sometimes it is best to leave nothing at all and move on.

  8. I think that by accepting the fees you are kind of saying you are satisfied with the transaction. I think the negative feedback would be unfair at that point. If you want to leave a negative, don't accept the fees.
  9. Hehe thanks everyone, I was just wondering what everyone's stance on this was. Personally I would leave either positive if he/she had been very apologetic, understanding and prompt with payment, or neutral if they weren't so nice.
  10. A positive, for not buying your thingie after they committed to? Not me. No FB at all, or neutral, or negative if they really made me mad--in that order of likelihood.

    BTW in 8 years as a seller I have had two instances where I could not fulfill the purchase made by a buyer. Once I actually LOST the item :wtf: and never did find it (I was moving at the time), and once it was a consignment item and the *owner* of the bag decided randomly that she wasn't happy with the prearranged price and would not allow me to sell it (and boy was I mad about that one). In both instances I fully expected to get a negative for nonperformance since I did not fulfill the most basic part of the transaction. I did luck out, though--got a neutral i believe from one (it was years ago) and no FB at all but lots of nice emails back and forth with the second one.
  11. This is a very interesting question. For me it would depend on the way they communicated to me. If their manners stink and they really make me mad then I would file charges. Good question OP!