I Am Curious H

  1. I think I may have finally figured this picture thing out! So please forgive my flurry of pictures. I will get this out of my system, after I post a few of my saved up pictures.
    I hope that you enjoy.
    I just bought the Bolide, and Picotin on my trip to NYC. Nov.12
    The Birkin, and Victoria I bought in June.
    I have a Garden Party,who unfortunately stayed home in Canada and missed the "Party"
    table.jpg I am cur H.jpg day.jpg
  2. These are beautiful bags- and they look stunning in the exotic outdoor picture!

    Thank you for sharing :tup:
  3. Beautiful collection, Duchess! I love the colors you've chosen. Lovely :love:
  4. Lovely collection! :yahoo: Lovely Home! :woohoo: And lovely car! :wlae:
  5. lovely...you have a beautiful collection...'love everything in it :heart::heart::heart:
  6. What wonderful pictures, especially the last! That's a gorgeous collection you have there!
  7. Thank you all for being so kind! I have wanted to take pictures for a long time but I have never used a digital camera before. I have a few more items to post and then I will give you all a break! LOL
  8. great "family" portrait!
    were you the one who got her bag initialed? which one was it?
  9. Seton,
    I got my Birkin monogrammed in New York. Pierre put my initials on the flap. When the purse is done up you can see them just below the turn lock. He put a blind stamp ,as he said the gold would be obvious.
    I had to agree with him. It is very subtle. I will take a picture over the weekend,now that I am getting the hang of it!
  10. gorgeous collection!!!
  11. Oooo, sounds verra verra nice. I find the idea of a blindstamp on the clochette very appealing. Maybe i will do it too! :smile:
  12. Nice collection - I love your colors!
  13. I love the display case and the color of the wall in this picture. I really have a thing for green walls and beautifully stained wood furniture. And the bags aren't bad either! :tup:
  14. Gorgeous bags! and love your pictures:smile:
  15. Thanks Friends. Ms Jade, my paint colour is Sherwin Williams, Leapfrog.