I am crazy---u all recommend me to get the blue hydra! But look what I got!

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  1. I feel it is a crazy day!
    I started a thread asking for your opinion on my very first HERMES bag! I was between the Picotin 18 Etoupe and Picotin 22 BlueHydra. And most of you recommended he Blue Hydra, cause a pop color looks good on the Picotin !
    But I am very bad! I am sorry! I didn't get the Blue Hydra! Sorry again!
    Guess what I got and fell in love at the first sight and had to take her home?!
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  2. waiting patiently
  3. Oh wow first live one! :wave:
  4. It's been a half hour. How long does it take to unwrap it??
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  5. So sorry, was talking on the phone with my best friends , sharing my exciting and happiness
  6. Here! :flowers:
  7. We want to share your happiness too.
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  8. It's OK. All is forgiven. Now show us that baby!!! :biggrin:
  9. Quick reveal! Orange/rouge Picotin 22! So hard to find in my city! True Love!
  10. Congratulations! Love your bag and friends!:flowers:
  11. Lovely! Enjoy in good health
  12. It's so pretty!!! :loveeyes: Enjoy it in good health!!! :drinks:
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467071816.759080.jpg
    I asked about which one is better ? The blue hydra or the etoupe! And a lot of u love the Blue Hydra! I love it too! But as I said, I have blue bags already ---don't have any in orange and grey! And I am worried the BH will be too bright under he sunlight! (U know how dark the boutique is)Anyway I saw he orange/ rouge today and decided to take it right away!
    I love love love the Hermes Orange, not too bright, not too dull! And the two tone made it very special!
    So this is my very first Hermes and definitely not he last one! So happy to share my story here! Thank you for all of u whom gave me advice on the color( sorry.....got some other color) and u are so right ! Pick up the one that sing in my heart! My heart is singing the whole day! Thanks again
  14. So happy to share in your joy! Congrats on this gorgeous first H! It was meant to be :smile:. Enjoy and congrats
  15. Beautiful! Congratulations!