I am confused...

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  1. so I check Gucci.com all the time, I notice that saks and neimans sites have different products than the Gucci site does... (mainly bags) and I have watched the past few seasons and some of them never end up on Gucci.com... but they do show up on the UK and French sites... weird...

    Are these products shown on the other sites strictly exclusives to those stores/countries or what?

    I am totally out of the Gucci loop
  2. In my experience the Gucci boutiques always have everything the department stores have, plus much more. The exception would be if a department store has a very old style that they just haven't been able to sell.

    The Gucci boutiques also have much more than what is featured on their website. What they show on-line is a very limited selection of what they actually carry. Of course, this could also depend on the boutique. I have visited large boutiques in large cities such as NYC and Chicago. Obviously, a small boutique in a smaller city would have less stock. Some of the bags on-line are also available in different colors, and sizes, but aren't shown on the website.

    I bought a gorgeous deep red Guccisima Signoria dome bag that I have never seen on any dept. store sites or on Gucci's site. I visited the boutique in D.C. and there it was, otherwise I never would have known it existed.

    I hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. Some bags are exclusive to department stores, especially NM - I've bought a Gucci and YSL that aren't available elsewhere. There is also a plate inside that says NM exclusive.
  4. Yup, some bags are exclusives to some department stores. When I got my Full Moon tote last season, it was never on the US Gucci website but on some of the European sites. When I talked to a Gucci SA at the boutique, she said they carry lots more inventory and different colors than the dept stores but they don't like to be exactly the same as what Nordstrom/Saks is offering. Example the hot Sukey bag right now, the Gucci boutique is carrying them in canvas w/white & black trim, guccissima in cream and sand and python. She wasn't sure if the chocolate was going to be available yet Nordstrom and Saks are already selling those colors.
  5. Department stores buy their stock directly from Gucci Italy, that's why their stock can be different. And some of the styles that Gucci USA will never put on sale, the department stores will to make way for the new stock.
  6. I didn't know this! I guess the bags I've always been interested in happened to not be exclusives. The bottom line is, I guess you need to check every dept. store and Gucci boutique (in addition to on-line) that you have access to so that you will hopefully find what you're looking for.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I guess I need to visit a much larger store than the one here! haha