I am confused...Please help me.

  1. I have as of today 3 mongram bags. I was going to buy the mini lin in ebene as my next bag, but I see the Damier Azur speedy and it;s calling my name. Please help me decide which one. Since I have so many dark ones, I should get the Azur right???? And do the handles turn dark too...
  2. ooo thats hard! But I love the damier speedy, so i vote damier! x
  3. I say Damier, it will be a different touch.
  4. I say Damier Azur. It's such a hot bag!
  5. Yes get Azur. It'll add a little variety to what you already have, and it's perfect for summer!
  6. i vote for the damier.
  7. Go for the Azur. Yes, the handles will patina (darken) like your mono bags.
  8. Another vote for Azur! It is a great bag for summer!
  9. I'd go for the Azur!
  10. Yes, go for the Azur. You need more variety.
  11. Azur! And use leather protectant if you want so slow down the "aging" on the handles.
  12. Next question where do they have them. Anyone in NYC know of a store that isn't sold out?
  13. I love the mini lin! It's such a beautiful bag and you son't have to worry about vachetta!
  14. you can call 866 to locate one or elux currently has them on their site.
  15. I check elux and they say they are sold out when I hit buy now :sad: