I am confused on what to do...

  1. I have the khaki/chocolate carly in large and I am thinking about selling it for the Khaki Madeline.. I love the pink inside.. only reason I am thinking about doing this is because I have another large all brown carly.. I am really confused ehh



  2. If you want the khaki madeline, then I would go for it. But if you think that you would use the carly more and just want the madeline for the pink interior, then I would stick with the carly. Just go with whatever bag would make you happiest!
  3. hmmm... 2 completely different bags and you JUST bought the Carly.. are you thinking now you don't want 2 carlys? :shrugs: If you are just buying for the pink then I would not do it. If you are unhappy with the Carly or think you want something different then go for it! :tup: I think you are going through the tpf honeymoon phase where the excitement of all the bags takes over and before you know it you want it all and can't keep up.. most of us have been there or are there.. just remember there are tons and tons of bags out there and always coming out.. so get what you want and will enjoy and use the most. Good Luck hon! ;)

  4. LOL Thanks.. my fiance thinks since I already have one large carly why should I have 2.. he thinks having a different style is better??
  5. Both bags are beautiful but very different. Think about which bag best suits your lifestyle. One bag is very structured the other is not. if a structured bag is not what you want but you are not sure about having two brow Carly's exchange one and wait until you find something else you want.
  6. lol I might just have to get the madeline and keep the carly UGHH I want all 3 grrr
  7. What do *you* want? :shrugs: I would decide and go from there.. you can't go wrong, all of the bags are beautiful!!!! :yes:
  8. personally I like the carly better. but if you already have one you might want to try a different style bag,.
  9. I think that you should give me the Carly out of kindness and get the other one! Lol J/K If you already have a Carly then I would go for the Madeline. It is so cute too!
  10. I'm personally not a fan of the Madeline, but I LOVE the Carly! So naturally, I am biased, lol! However, you should choose based on what suits your lifestyle. If you think you would use the Madeline, then go for it. It's the same pattern but a diff. style, so that would give you some variety in your collectoin. However, if you strongly prefer the Carly style, and you think there's a chance you won't use the Madeline much, then you might regret selling the Carly on down the road. I've done that way too many times, lol!
  11. Keep both!!!!:graucho: But seriously, I wouldn't want you to do anything you'll regret......I think the Madeline will be around for awhile, but w/ the Carly, they are always changing colors and you may not get the chance to order the Khaki/choco. again. I mean, you would always have the option of getting a khaki/something, but maybe not choco. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, both are the exact same color scheme and pattern.....just very different styles. Would you be more likely to use both large carlys? Which style do you LOVE more? Good luck, this one's a toughie, and I can't even help you caz I'm biased w/ both, I have both (or will have, and I have khaki/black instead of khaki/brown, but very similar).
  12. Since you have 2 already why not trade for the Madeline? Then you have the best of both bags!:graucho:
  13. I would selling it for the Madeline because 1) you already have a chocolate Carly 2) Madeline is a different style AND the same khaki/chocolate combo that you love!!
  14. AHHHH...So many bags...so little time!!
  15. i like the madeline, but I would just take both...i think the carly is more laid back whereas the madeline is a bit more formal