I am confused; need help with the Chanel Jumbo Vintage

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  1. Dear all,

    I have been looking for a Jumbo Vintage. Could you please look at these two pictures please.

    Normally I would see Chanel back plate as in picture no.2, however, I cam across one of the Chanel Jumbo Vintage with back plate as in picture no. 1 - is this normal for certain Vintage bag?

    From the Chanel Authenticity tips, Chanel & Paris would either be North-South or East- West but never in the config as in picture no1, what do you think?

    Thanks so much for your help. It would be much appreciated.

    Pictures 1

    Pictures 2
  2. I just bought a amazing vintage xl jumbo from ebay. Mine is same as picture 2. Don't have idea why.
  3. Perhaps I can help.....yes, the engraving can be either way. North-south or east-west.
    On the example above, it looks like perhaps the plate in the first pic, was removed and put back on at some point. I see alot of vintage bags and sometimes the plates are backwards and upside down! Who knows how or why the plates get unscrewed and screwed back on wrong, but it happens!
    Perhaps if the bag has been repaired at some point or the CC's have been replaced or whatever, but in any case, the examples above are both of an authentic plate, just that one has been attached incorrectly.
    If you want, you can take it into Chanel and have them unscrew it and put it back on the right way for you. It won't cost you anything and they'll do it while you wait. You can do it yourself too, but I don't recommend it unless you are handy with a screwdriver.
    I hope that helps!