I am confused! I saw the NEW styled Jumbos today!

  1. So I went to Saks and I didn't even bother asking for help cuz they were so busy and after I saw they went up in price, even though they swore it wouldn't, I got angry and left. I went over to Neimans where they are always so nice to me. Anyway they still had the Jumbos for $2250 but they were the new style!!! The CC hardware was thinner and cleaner looking. Like you can tell it says CC moreso than the older ones and instead of the little square in the upper left hand corner on the gold hardware, it was three little lines.

    Now I am VERY confused!!! These are the new ones I assume? Can someone explain please? :confused1:
  2. Anyone?
  3. I went to Saks this evening to find out what exactly is going on with the price increase. Well Saks NYC Chanel was a madhouse, literally, and finally when I got a SA's attention, he explained that the new caviar flaps have a higher price b/c the caviar is slightly different....according to him "not as shiny as before." I asked to see any one of the "new" caviar flaps with the new price tag....and was told that those came in and had been sold already during EGC today. WTH? I'm pretty sure that SA was simply too busy to go back there and check. Anyway I'm waiting to see how subtle a difference on the shiny-ness of the caviar would justify these continuous price hikes.
  4. ^ Yeah that's what the SA at Neimans told me today too! That the new caviar was not as shiny! Is that supposed to be good or bad? But the flap seems like it was cut with scissors. Literally! It was crooked and like I said before, the CC was extremely thin and had three tiny dashes on the upper left C. I don't understand what is going on!
  5. so curious about this. would love to see pics.
  6. I was at Saks NY Chanel this evening too. Maybe I saw you there Foxycleopatra. I had my red jumbo and a few people approached me asking me where I got it.
  7. Yes, I saw the "new" Jumbo(blk+silver) too on Wensday, I didn't ask why it looks different from the ones I saw before, but I think it looks bad...:tdown: The caviar is not shinny, the color is not even true black, close to dark gray!Looks a little bit fake...I feel so sorry...:sad:
  8. I saw this flap at my Saks in July. At the time, I wasn't too interested so I didn't pay enough attention but the SA did tell me that it was the new, less shiny version. I can't remember the exact price but I did note that it was a couple of hundreds higher than the normal jumbos at the time.(but still a little less than the expected increase in Nov) I do remember actually liking this more matte leather though.
  9. Does anyone have a picture of this 'new' jumbo??? I am really curious and would love to see it... Thanks much.
  10. ^^ I want to see it as well.
  11. I would love to see it as well. I always thought the caviar was matte .WTF is going on with Chanel, I still want a jumbo flap .
  12. I'm extremely confused as well and will take pics of my jumbo as soon as I get home. I got mine yesterday from Saks and it did have the "new shipment" price of 2395, v. the "old" price of 2250. I just started looking at CHANEL in the past few weeks so I confess that I didn't even know there was a new jumbo on the horizon. It's matte but not dull...
  13. I noticed on the caviar flaps that the medium/large flap I have from 2003 is more matte than the 2007 ones earlier this year. The early 2007 ones are much more shiny. I called various Chanel stores to inquire about this and this was a change they made. I guess now they're reverting back to the more matte version caviar?
  14. Anything to justify another price increase !!!!
    I think none of the SA's new, cause alot of us have favorite SA's that contact us on a regular, and someone would have told us months ago a new jumbo would be arriving. None of my SA's told me this. and I do not recall anyone else mentioning it on here.
  15. Gosh...this is crazy and so disappointing. So they are increasing the prices, and possibly lowering the quality of the bags :sad: Thats crazy. Well at least that will maybe deter me from buying anymore.