I am computer-illiterate, please assist me

  1. I would like to send an mp3 in an email, and I have no idea how to do this. I googled it and now I am more confused. I know this is sad that I don't know ...
  2. An mp3 is just a file like any other file. You need to "attach" it to your email. Look for a button in your mail program that looks like a paperclip, if you can't find it the attachment command will likely be under the File menu. Once you have the attachment dialog box up you will need to browse to the mp3 file, choose it and click "OK" or whatever in the dialog. Then complete your email and send.
  3. Thank you for the response. Do I need to resize the file before I send it?
  4. How large is the file? If it's a average popular song coded at an average bitrate (128kpbs), you shouldn't have to convert it.
  5. when i sent it to myself it was 4.5M, which seems big since it took up half my mailbox space...
  6. 4.5MB should be fine. Most ISPs don't bounce anything under 10MB. Go ahead and send it, the worst thing that will happen is it will bounce back.
  7. Thank you
  8. If you sent it to your own email, if you do a forward on that email, you wont have to upload it again.

    You can alter the bitrate on tracks, as some are really high, making them such big files.

    I use DB Power Amp, but I am sure windows media player has the facility.

    Although you have probably sent it now. Duh!!!!! Ignore me. LOLOL.

  9. wowie cool, i learned something new this morning :smile: