I am city bag lover, should I try twiggy?

  1. A luscious color of twiggy is available to me (I am not going to say which color out of fear of 'advertising' and I don't want to lose my chance at it if I decide to get it) I only have city bags and a money wallet. Do those of you w/ city bags and twiggy's like both or prefer one over the other? Please give me honest opinions!
  2. I am a huge Twiggy supporter...lol! I had a City for a few weeks, but I didn't love it like a B-bag deserves to be loved. :smile: The Twiggy still holds a ton of stuff, fits comfortably under your arm, and has a cooler, more unique shape (in my opinion). If you have the chance to get one in a color you love, I'd say go for it! It really is an awesome bag! Good luck with your decision!!!
  3. I'm sure you're going to get a range of opinions, Shasta, so the only way to figure this out may be for you to get the Twiggy and see how you feel about it. I love the City for the proportions, and I could never get myself to like the Twiggy, no matter how many times I've been tempted by coveted colors. The shape just feels wrong to me - too long and thick. And while the city drapes and morphs into a variety of shapes, the Twiggy just seems to do two things - either long sausage, or droopy sausage.
  4. I had 2 twiggys and sold them both.

    Partly because I just could NOT get over the slight sausage look to them. Even when I had my soft broken in 05 bordeaux, it still slouched into a sausage when placed on a flat surface.

    Whenever I carried them, I would always push the corners in or punch them to break down the shape. Eventually I just had it. For the price tag a bag should be perfect from day 1.

    Now I have the 05 black city and my goodness I LOVE the shape. No embarressment over its shape at all.

    Of course I speak only for my own feelings on this. I know its a question of each to his own when its all said and done.
  5. I am a City lover also and also have one Twiggy ... while I LIKE this Twiggy I would probably never buy another ....
    I guess I am just a City Girl :p
  6. I don't want this to turn into a Twiggy bashing or anything.......but it's not for me either. I've had one in rouge vif and I would pull and tug on the bottom of it because it just never seemed proportioned right for me.

    There have been tons of bags that come up in this style that are so tempting. Especially when I see pics of celebrities carrying them and they totally rock these bags.

    A recent one being Tara Reed........ (love her bag, not her)


    and look at Famke how she totally rocks this Twiggy :tup:





    Okay, now I think I've talked myself into one again....:cursing:
  7. cracker!!! DO NOT show those pics to me of Famke.!!!

    With each pic, my interest in twiggy returned and at the last pic I was like :weird:

    She REALLY rocks the twiggy for sure but notice that the ends are completely sagged. Thats the only way that it works. I tried that trust me, smashing in the corners with images of her in my head (so sad) but it still seemingly, secretly, re-inflates again to the sausage.

    Don't forget, there are many pics of black city's carried like that 'in action' that look equally good too.
  8. I prefer the twiggy over the city myself. I like the unstructured, slouchier look of the twiggy better. I like duffel shaped bags, so maybe that's omething you need to consider. If you don't like duffel-ish bags, then you won't like the twiggy. The city seems boxy to me.

    I guess its just one of those things you need to try.
  9. Ditto! I have three (so far)...love them all. Just recently tried an '05 Bordeaux City....it did nothing for me even though the yummy leather and color were fab. You won't know until you try. I would suggest an older one with broken in leather just to get the full slouchy casual effect. Or, if you get a new one, slather it with LMB ultimate moisturizer to get that slouchy look right away. Good luck!
  10. I prefer the twiggy over the city. I love the way the city looks but the twiggy is easier to get in and out of. also the shallowness makes it easier to see everything in your bag....

    by the photos above I guess your'e gonna also need a cup of coffee, a cell phone and a little doggie....
  11. I was thinking of that! I only have Cities and a Part time and wondering if I shold give Twiggy a tryout... though I always feel the Twiggy style is more casual. street vs the more versatile City.
  12. I say give it a try and if it doesn't work out, you can always pass it on to a Twiggy lover. As with many of the posters above, I have tried the twiggy and it didn't work for me (neither did the purse or the day). I am strictly a city girl!
  13. Shasta, I think I Twiggy would look fab on you. As our tastes are similar, I'll let you know that I tried a Twiggy in between by Work and City stages and it didn't sit well with me. Probably because I am not tall and skinny LOL!
  14. When the Twiggy style came out in 04, I bought 2 in the style(Eggplant and Maroon) but after using them for a while, I decided that the I don't love the style.

    I still LIKE Twiggy, but I'll never buy the style again....I like duffle shaped bags, but I prefer scuare/boxy shaped bags, and I don't like how shallow Twiggy is. That being said, I think Twiggy works well for First lovers.

    Personally, City and Work work the best for me!
    Good luck with your decision, girlie! :wlae:
  15. Hi Shasta!

    I love my twiggy (apple green) the very best! I love my city b/c of the color and the leather, but I ADORE and prefer the twiggy shape. I carry it on my shoulder with the handles, I love having the strap in case I need it, it also looks great just on the arm, too. I think we are the same size, in case that helps you somehow to picture. I will take a few pics for you and add them to this thread tomorrow. I do have a plan regarding the twiggy though -- only bright standout colors. I am getting going to be getting a black City or Part time, I personally prefer the thought of lovely neutrals in the city at the smallest. HTH and good luck! :heart: