I am caving! But really need some advice!

  1. After seeing everyone's new birkins, I just can't take it anymore! So, I called my SA at NM to find out if I can get on the waitlist for a Birkin. But I have some questions since I am a total novice!

    When you got on the waitlist, did you request more than one color/hardware combo? And do you usually get exactly what you waitlisted for, or something close (ie. leather type variations etc.)

    I am really torn between a few colors, and I think I am leaning towards a 30cm or 35cm Chocolate/cocoan (especially after seeing HermessBBB gorgeous bicolor)! Does anyone have some suggestions about the type of leather they recommend for the chocolate? Also debating Gold, Blue Jean, Thalassa and Cyclamen. I think my first choice is the chocolate because it will go with more of my wardrobe, but debating between togo, box and chevre- but WELCOME ANY SUGGESTIONS!

    I want it to be versatile and durable, but gorgeous at the same time. Also, what size do you recommend if I am only 5'1"?

    Thanks for any input or advice that you might have ladies!
  2. I'd recommend a Chocolate size 30 in either box, togo or chevre. Just put your name down for all three and see what coms in. They are all different leathers but equally gorgeous, classic and hardy.
    Box will show some scratches but will get the most beautiful patina over time. Chevre is the lightest and most durable. Togo looks incredible in those colors and is also really durable - and scratch resistant. :smile:
  3. I would also recommend the 30 (I'm 5'2") -- I don't have box, LOVE chevre as it's the lightest, and the togo is very durable...Good luck! I could never wait....I'm sorry you caved but you will be a happy Hermes owner soon!
  4. Ditto the above! You just need to list as much as the SA will allow and play your cards. You have to see what comes in and be ready to make a decision. I agree the chocolate color is dreamy!
  5. Thanks Greentea, Shoes and Kellybag! I really appreciate all of the input. There is a huge wait list here in Mich, but my SA is trying to see what she can do for me (of course, they all say that;))

    I know it might come down to just taking what comes in in teh color I want, but I really love the look of the box leather. I hope I get one- and definitely leaning towards choc brown! But I know I should look into other colors as well. What colors do you think are the most versatile to wear?
  6. Take the size 30cm and put your name in a couple of colors and leather choices. That way, if something comes in, you're sure to get one.

    Most versatile would probably be gold and thalassa.
  7. YAY, you caved in :idea: You wont be disappointed with a birkin, I promise you that!

    btw, I'm 5"1 myself, and I can only pull a 30 cm on birkins, and 32 cm on Kellys. I like the 35 size but it just looks weird on me.

    When I put my name down in Hermes Singapore, they asked me for a few preferences, I put down about 5 to 6.

    Good luck!

  8. My opinion... I think the chevre is just fabulous because of its sheen. Then box (such a classic beauty! And the patina will make it more beautiful!). Then togo (so soft, durable).
  9. Thank you LeVan, Sarahcantiik and drtng! Keep the opinions coming ladies, I really appreciate it! I guess I need to go look at more pics of the chevre- I did not notice the sheen ,and have never seen one IRL. If anyone has pics of the chevre, please post them too. I might not have a choice, like everyone said, but would like to know what the options are just in case!
  10. There are some nice picks in the sticky posts and also look on ebay. We have been really lucky with all the pics people have posted.
  11. Hi, I'm waitlisted at the Troy, MI store. She told me it could be a few months to a couple years depending if others before me take the bag or not. I waitlisted for both a 30 and 35 in togo, chevre or clemence w/ palladium. Black or brown. The manager told me that 35's come in more often.

    Then my SA in San Diego put me on as well, and has my NM credit card info in case he can get it sooner.

    Kelly's are easier to come by and will probably come in quicker according to both SA's.
  12. Thanks Kellybag, LeVan & Addicted!

    Addicted-my SA at Troy said that it could take a year or so, but would be on the hunt for me. She is going to be calling me tomorrow or thursday with more information, and she has my cc info too (she also said that would speed it up because they get a lot of people who aren't ready to act once the bags arrive). Smart to put your name in at San Diego as well. UGh! I wish we lived where there was an actual Hermes boutique! This is so frustrating! BTW- do you come to Michigan often?

    I honestly did not consider a Kelly, but if I had the opportunity and it was the right color- I would totally go for it!
  13. jag - yes, you're right, I think giving your CC will help. But I'm OK with a year or so wait, since I've got a couple others to keep me busy. Yes, I agree - I wish there was a boutique near me. I find it funny that San Diego doesn't have one. We're a huge tourist area and there's lots of money to be spent here.

    No - I've never been to Michigan. A fellow PF member told me of the Hermes boutique there.

    I think I want to put myself on the list for a kelly too (in black).
  14. Ahhh. Get it. I am just going to tell her that I would take a Kelly, but first choice is definitely the Birkin!

    Of course, if a chocolate or pink Kelly was right there and waiting, I would have to take her home!