I am bummed...

  1. It's been one of those days.....

    I have an HR background/masters and am working on my coaching certification. I have to coach for 100 hours to qualify for my Level 1 certification and I had a client tell me today that she won't be able to continue coaching with me after only 5 weeks. I was really counting on her hours and now I'm stuck searching for one or two new people to coach with in order to finish on time.

    I really didn't need this right now- I was moving along so well, and now I feel like I'm back at square one, since my slate was full for May-August. I was so shocked when I read her e-mail, I didn't know what to think. I have 52 hours and would have been in great shape for September, when the certification exam application period opens.

    I also can't track down another person I was supposed to start with on Thursday, so with those two gaps, I just want to hide under the covers and disappear for awhile. I already started contacting everyone I know to see if there are any leads/people who need coaching. Worst case scenario, I slowly earn hours and eventually qualify, but I am really annoyed!!
  2. So frustrating when you think things are set and something or someone upsets the plans. I'm not good at all with unexpected change, but it's always part of life.

    good luck with your summer activities--I hope it works out ok.
  3. what kind of coaching do you do? maybe someone here from nyc could use your services.
  4. So frustrating when things like that happen. I had made plans to do important stuff this week but then someone cancelled and my whole schedule and plans are a mess...
  5. Since I'm in the early stages (and not specializing yet), it's any kind of personal, career or business transition. And I do 90% of it by phone. But it's hard to get clients because not many people really know what it is yet, even though it's becoming more popular.

    I went through my address book and started calling more people, so hopefully I'll get some active clients and a few reserve list candidates, as well. This is what I get for counting every hour before I earned it!