I am blocked-seller can't do anything!

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  1. Hi all!

    I am interested in a dress listed on ebay. The listing states that shipping is within UK. I contacted the seller and she told me she can ship to Greece.

    But when I tried to place my bid, I get this message

    Buyer requirements

    Sorry, this item cannot be sent to Greece.
    I contacted the seller again and told her that probably she has blocked buyers outside UK at her buyer requirements, and told her what to do. These are the steps I told her to follow

    -My Ebay
    -My Account tab
    -Site Preferences
    -Buyer Requirements
    -Probably ther is a tick to the option ''Have a primary shipping address in a location I don't ship to'' - you have to un-tick it

    She told me she did that, but again I cannot bid.

    Has anything like this happened to you? Is there anything else she can do?

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. hmmm. If it's a low-priced item, would she be willing to invoice you directly on PP? (She wouldn't have to cough up FVFs this way, either) I wouldn't ask for this on a super-pricey item, but I offer this option to all my buyers for a $10 discount.

    On another note, I love your puppy! :love:
  3. Hi honey, thank you for your answer! I just wanted to update, she sent me a message and she was able to fix it so I placed my bid! Thanks for the advice :smile:

    Yes, isn't this photo cute???? Now she is a big dog, she is still beautiful, but I love this photo, it makes my day!
  4. Glad to hear you placed your bid!
  5. Thank you!! I guess I'll never know what happened :biggrin:

    The seller told me that she followed these steps and nothing happened...
    And that she couldn't do anything else.
    So I told myself not to feel sad, we both did anything we could...

    And then I said ''ok, one last try'' and it worked!
    I asked her if she did anything after our last communication and she told me no. So maybe it was a system's problem?

    Now I hope I win so the outcome after all this will be positive!
  6. Sometimes takes time the system to update the chages...?
    This happened several times to me too (I live in Paris and buy a lot from everywhere). Another solution I was going to suggest you is that the seller can at your ebay user name all the buyer restrictions, that worked fr me several times! Hope you win!
  7. She would just need to put your name on the buyer exemption list. Site Map and then look at the middle column. Remember that for the future.
  8. ^that's good to know. I had a buyer from overseas and I was set up for North America only. I tried all my options and couldn't get it to work. This happened over a year ago, and I thought it was very odd.
  9. Here's the link to the exemption list.

    To allow specific members to bid on or purchase your items even if they don't meet your buyer requirements, just add them to your exemption list:

    1. Go to the Buyer Requirements Exemption List page.
    2. Enter the user ID(s), separated by commas, of the members you want to exempt from your requirements.
    3. Click Submit.
  10. Thank you all for your help and for the great info about the exemption list. I will have this in mind for the future, in case I have the same situation again.

    And I am happy to say that I won the auction!!!!
  11. Usually when that happens to correct it you actually go into the listing directly and change the requirements that way. I think when you change it through your preferences it doesn't effect auctions that are already started.
  12. Ditto on the buyer exemption list. All my auctions are US shipping only, but I'd be ok shipping overseas to someone that I messaged back and forth with. But if you uncheck the "block buyers with an address etc etc" box, then anyone overseas can bid on your item.. so the exemption list is a nice way to prevent that.