I am beginning to hate ebay!


Sep 18, 2006
I am such an ebay addict. ive bought TONS of things off ebay and have received many items as stated and such.

but i havehad a few bad situations it really makes me sad.

what are everyones thoughts baout ebay. is it really worth continuing bidding on items and taking the chance of never receiving the item?

I am in a situation right now where I did not know what the rules were with filing a claim and such... I won the auction for juicy couture pants and its been 3 MONTHS since i've paid for it.... and she keeps putting it off by saying the post office misplaced it and she would email me back within that week with a follow up. but nothing! and now its been too long so i can't do anything about it... or can i?? :sad:

whats everyones experiene with ebay??
Oct 30, 2006
I know the feeling! ebay is not fun anymore. I think it's more stress than it's worth. There are definitely good experiences, but the few bad definitely ruins it all.

Did you pay with a credit card through paypal? If you did, then file a chargeback claim with them! I hate sellers who give you the run around. Next time, if you don't get an item within a month - and the seller hasn't provided a tracking number - then file a claim!


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
Yes, file a claim with paypal for a non-performing seller. You may be past their deadline. If that's the case, file a claim with your credit card and you will get your money back. Your credit card has the power to veto paypal's decision and/or policies.


Oct 4, 2006
I had one experience a few years ago with this seller who gave me the run-around, claiming that the post office returned the package to her cos of wrong address, she resent it and it got returned again, and that she's going to try for the 3rd time. The first time, I believed her and waited till the post office returned it to her (which took about 1.5 months for international shipping), but when she tried the same excuse the 2nd time, I got suspicious and checked out her feedback. Apparently, she had about 10 negatives for non-shipment. So I emailed a few of them asking them for their side of the story, and it appears that those who were more aggressive in pursuing their item either did get it in the end or got a refund. By now, I was already out of time for filing a Paypal claim, so I emailed her telling her I'd contacted her previous buyers and what they'd told me. I asked for a refund but she refused, saying she's going to try sending it the 3rd time?!?!? I told her to keep the bag, I don't want it anymore and to refund me my money otherwise I'll report her for internet fraud. She then immediately refunded my money.

I've bought maybe a hundred bags from ebay and never had a package gone missing except for this "one". So, now I keep a very close eye on the shipping time, and will never wait for more than 1 month.

If you're already out of time to file a ebay or Paypal claim, then do a cc chargeback. If you didn't pay by cc, then pursue and email the seller aggressively and pray that you'll get your refund from her.

good luck!!!