I am becoming obsessed!!!

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  1. I love reading the various threads here on the Hermes forum, and i love looking at and drooling over all your gorgeous bags and scarves and jewelry. And now i've become obsessed, so much so that i'm actually dreaming about Hermes. However i think my first purchase will be very small. I can't decide what will be better value, a silk Twilly scarf or a piece of jewelry I would love an enamel bangle but think i would have to settle at the moment for a leather item (its all about what i can afford, and feeding my obsession) I don't really know what i would do with a Twilly scarf, but theres this beautiful turquoise one looks just divine. Can you use a Twilly like a head scarf or is it better to tie it to your bag??
    Also does anybody buy online and if so how is the experience? Also do you still get the orange box and brown ribbon? I just adore the packaging. I must possess Hermes :nuts: Help me.
  2. Don't worry about how small your first H purchase is, it'll be special to you and you'll still have a lovely experience going to buy it.....enjoy it!

    A twilly is a great little item. You can tie it to your bag, tie it round your wrist or neck, use it like an alice band and also like a belt
  3. Hi! Whatever item I suggest would depend on your personal tastes. I use twillies mostly for tying on my bags, but sometimes, I tie them in my hair. I don't really wear jewelry, so I can't comment on the bangles, but they look great on other people that I've seen. I haven't seen twillies used as head scarves, but I have tied them around my ponytail. I'm wondering if a twilly is too small to use as a head scarf? I don't know, but I haven't tried it. I have never bought Hermes online, so I don't know the answer to that question. But are you talking about buying from hermes.com or ebay or resellers?
  4. I have purchased an aqua/blue twilly on-line and yes it came in the orange cylinder tied with the brown ribbon (just like the store). I wear it around my neck. No problems what so ever ordering on-line.
  5. I am talking about buying from Hermes.com. My only reason being that it will be quite a while before i'm in London again and i don't think i can wait that long. Lib is it a recent purchase your aqua/blue twilly, it sounds like the one i have my eye on. Thanks for your input ladies much appreciated.
  6. I think a twilly would be very versatile. Good luck with your first purchase.
  7. littlblackbag, twillys are ok, but pocket squares I think are even better! I think they hang on your bag with more depth and width.
  8. if not a twilly, how about a pocket square?
  9. A twilly is great and I also wear around my neck!! East and versatile! The little leather bracelets are great along with the enamel ones, and also a little leather notebook...the agendas are more, but the small notebook you can carry and sniff the leather lol....it's a great place to start!
  10. Here are some pics of twilly vs. pocketsquare vs. scarf tied on various bags. The etoupe birkin 30cm has a twilly, the Gao has the pocket square, and the whitebus has a full sized scarf (whitebus is ~40cm). The twilly and pocket square cost about the same....so either way, you will have some H with you for not too much money! The big scarf is just for reference. I would buy all the pocket squares I could get....:tup:

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  11. The service at Hermes.com is exceptional. If you order by 3:00 (I think that is the cut off) they will ship it out that same day. I've ordered quite a bit from them over the last year or so and everything is always beautifully presented, just as you would expect from H.
  12. Get a pocket square, I think it's more value for money haha! We'll soon welcome you to the orange side!
  13. A pocket square is even less expensive than a twilly, and there seems to be more range in colors/designs.
    Also, you can use it to wrap around a simple bangle. Someone on tpf started a thread of this a while back and it was really cute. She used a pocket square and wrapped it around to cover a bangle completely and tied a knot at the end to secure. If you do this and leave it on the pocket square will get wrinkled, but it can always be dry cleaned and pressed (I haven't tried it, but I figure it's got to be possible). You can wrap a twilly this way too but somehow it looks better (puffier) with the pocket square.
  14. Not at all Princess.... that's how I mostly wear my twillies or occasionally to wrap a bangle as Tamarind says in the style invented by the stylish HiHeels :tup: