I am banned for a while at least to next PCE

Jul 14, 2007
I think i am definitely banned for a while. Since the new year, i bought medium carly in beet from Nordstrom. A black leather carly, chocolate medium heritage bag, a ergo french purse from PCE, a slim ali from the outlet. I also bought a Kate spade serena flat hobo from kate spade.com . I'm so looking not to buy anything for a while, at least till next Pce . i still have almost $500 credit with JAX. Hopefully their june bags will appeal to my wallet. I am happy with my new babies so far. just wanted to share:heart:


Go on, I dare ya!
Mar 26, 2008
I bought a book tote at the end of summer last year, and I'm still banned :roflmfao:

I hope when PCE comes around you find something that you love!
Jan 2, 2008
Wow... wish I could even afford half that! I haven't bought much stuff either... its definitely hard when COACH comes out with all this cute stuff... hard to be banned and resist! :yes: