I am bad lol

  1. I just ordered the new Heritage Tote and wallet. now I am thinking about gettting the new large chocolate carly!! LOL Help me I feel like that's bad haha





  2. Yes, we are all enablers here. I think I need a new job just to keep up :smile:
  3. is the brown two different browns from the bag and wallet??
  4. I *think* you had asked me if the heritage stripe tote gets too heavy... so I'm not sure if that's a concern for you. The large Carly gets pretty heavy with stuff in it because of all the hardware.
  5. I wonder why we feel "bad" when we buy another bag (or in my case a gold bracelet last night!) I mean we work hard and hopefully, we can afford what we buy. If it makes us feel good to buy a new bag and we enjoy using it, why not treat ourselves? You only live once, right? I struggle with this "guilty" feeling lots of the time. Sometimes when I get a new Coach, I get rid of the "trimmings", and slide my new bag in with the rest so my husband doesn't notice and make a "joking' comment. I make an honest living, stay within my means, so why do I feel I have to sneak around like a thief or that I'm being "bad". Anyone else relate?
  6. love the chocolate!!!!!!
  7. You came to the wrong place to not be enabled! :graucho: Of all the Carly's in large I love it in chocolate.. and those wallets/wristlets are at the outlets right now!!! :tup:
  8. Which heritage wallet did you get? And they choc. carly looks great..

  9. I have no outlets by me!! grr and I am in scottsdale, AZ do they ship?? lol
  10. really eeehhh.. how does everyones carly feel on them heavy?? :hysteric:
  11. oh darn.. no they do not ship :tdown: You could check eBay because they are buying them now at the outlets and shipping them NWT and you could get it for cheaper than retail. :tup: As far as weight, I only have a medium but I don't find it heavy at all. :tup:
  12. hopefully this bag will work for me.. its soo cute!
  13. I love the Chocolate carly! I totally think you should get her!!! HHEHEE

  14. :love::love:bad influence lol
  15. I know how you feel. I went to the outlets and had a gift cert for Nordstroms and I bought a few things. I should have just saved for my carly that I have been wanting, but I once I save a certain amount, I just buy something else that I see. Maybe one of these days I will be the last person to own a carly. :p