I am backkkkkk...

  1. Still remember me??
    We had awesome early Thanksgiving at Palm Beach. 6 Families stayed at the same place. The weather had been perfect the whole time we were there. We spent most of our time on the boat, horse ride, cooking and eating
    I had my white Trouville, red lexington, pochette tikal, belem and mini lin speedy with me ( incase anyone wondering lol ). Only bags and shoes in my keepal 50 for carry on..

    I missed this place, I was so tempted to visit PF but I didn't want to loose the bet with my DH. I've been accused of addicted to this place..(well I am) but I just had to stay focus. I hate to loose the bet plus I know I have to mingle with the rest of the family.. it's so much fun!!!

    Now..I know I missed out on so many things from being absent in one week..can you tell me the update...who got new LV..what did you get while I was away?
    I've seen some changes in the forum, it's great..

    Great to be back...:nuts:
  2. Hi! Welcome back! Glad you had fun (and won your bet!).
  3. bags.... I'm sure everybody will fill you... Just wanted to say 'Welcome Back'!!!:party:
  4. ^ thank you ladies..
  5. Hi Bags!!! Welcome back!! I forgot what day you left but if it was after last tuesday, then I got a mono speedy!!! Did you get any goodies on your trip? Glad to hear you had a good time!
  6. Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and lucked out weather-wise! That's AWESOME!!!

  7. Congrats..wow..I see you have 4 speedies now..awesome:nuts: :nuts: !!! I left last Sunday Nov 4th..

  8. Thank you..yup..so lucky..not too humid either for us from Cali
  9. Welcome back Nita!:flowers:
  10. Welcome back!
  11. Welcome back!!! Well, I didn't get much while you were gone..but I did get a MC Cles that is on its way right now. :heart: I hope that you had a wonderful trip!!!
  12. Thank you ladies..

    Congrats on cles bgcutiepie00
  13. Im glad you had a good time and made it home safe and sound. I miss Cali..
    Anyhow welcome back:flowers: Did you buy anything interesting?
  14. Missed You! I got mini pochette azure, not delivered yet, and white MC Shirley, should be here by the end of the week; I'm trying to squeeze in new purchases before I move and have a new address; see Shirley below!!! YAY first white MC piece!
  15. Nice to see you back. Sounds like your vacation was great!:flowers: