I am back from winter break!!! I missed everyone!! Sunshine info too...

  1. Hello!

    I have missed everyone! I have not been around much, I had a self imposed, severe, computer limit from Thanksgiving until the kids went back to school (yesterday), plus we went away and I crashed my laptop (a pain, but it made staying off the computer a lot easier though...lol)

    I intended to be up and running this week, but since my laptop is still being repaired and I am still taking down holiday decorations, so it will probably be next week before I back to full speed.

    I owe lots of people thank you cards, e-mails and PMs...sorry they are so late...I will catch up asap.

    Sunshine committee news:

    If you signed up during my break (I saw there were quite a few), you should have got an auto response about my break. I will try and send you all the info soon. Same for those to whom I owe an e-mail :smile:

    Weekly newsletters and sunshine fun will resume next Monday!

    How is everyone??? I hope everyone had a great holiday season, looking forward to another great year on tPF!
  2. Welcome back Mary!! I have noticed you haven't been on in a while and sure did miss you!!!! :heart:

    Happy New Year!!!
  3. Welcome back Tink!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
  4. welcome back tink! :smile:
  5. welcome back! :smile:
  6. whew! i was getting worried about you:sweatdrop:...glad you are well and had a nice break! :flowers:welcome back!:yahoo:
  7. Welcome back! :yahoo: The forum wasn't the same without you!!
  8. Welcome back! Hopefully your laptop will be repaired soon!
  9. Welcome back tink - especially looking forward to you resurrecting the Barbie thread.
  10. Welcome back Mary!!!! Was wondering where you had disappeared to!
  11. Welcome back!!
  12. welcome back, mary!

  13. Welcome back!
  14. I was wondering where the Barbie thread was...welcome back!!!
  15. It's good to have you back--I was starting to worry! Hopefully you were able to recharge during the break.