I am back from Vegas and here is what I got!

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  1. I am really really excited about my new LV stuff! Lemme tell ya, there are like 5 LV counters/stores in Vegas. I really like the new one in the Wynn and as usual the one in Ceaser's is great. SO anyway - I got the frambois Zippy wallet and the Baggy GM in blue. I am loving the Baggy and have already gotten a few compliments on it. A lot of ppl don't know LV makes denim bags....guess they aren't as obsessed as us! lol!

    I also got my husband the rawhide money clip as an early bday gift. It is really nice, too. But I didn't take pics of it.

    Here are my pics!
  2. That baggy looks great on you! Good choice! Love the color of the wallet!
  3. the baggy looks great! and i love love love the frambois Zippy wallet!!
    it's so beautiful.. great buy! :heart:
  4. That baggy looks fabulous on you!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Love it =)
  6. Love your purchases! Congrats!
  7. Oooooh, Colleenco! I LOVE THE ZIPPY! And your Baggy GM looks great on you!
  8. very nice! glad you enjoyed your trip!
  9. wow awesome!
  10. Wow!!! Both look great!! I love the bag on you! Congrats and enjoy your new purchases!!
  11. Awesome combo! Congrats!
  12. very pretty! Congrats!
  13. The baggie look fab on you! you rock it! And the framboise is eye candy!
  14. congrats..beautiful items...
  15. Gorgeous, I especially love the zippy wallet !
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