I am back from Paris and...

  1. It was amazing :heart::love:
    I was a bit unexcited when we first arrived because we stayed in a residential area, but when we went to see the sites the next day it was spectacular. The skies were clear and it was just so beautiful.
    Great shopping too, but I only bought parfum.
    Checked out the Mulberry's and I think we the exchange rate you do pay more over there. The white patent bayswater was 895 euros, which (xe.com) works out as £671! Almost £80 more than in the UK....yikes!!

    It was a lovely time and I am now firmly settled back in reality.
  2. Ah, great to hear you had a good time. How romantic, was it Paris for Valentines day? :heart: It's horrible to come back though isn't it. I always start dreaming about the next trip straight away :girlsigh:
  3. Hmmm yes, we talked about coming back the whole way home on the train.

    I took my Mollie and it was the perfect bag. All of the women in Paris have big shoulder bags and it seemed like only tourists had messengers.
    I also did not feel unsafe at any time. It seemed much more relaxed than London, but I think that was because we spent so much time with our Parisian friends who know the city.
  4. So glad you had a wonderful time! Paris is lovely , and having local friends certainly helps - you get to see all the nice places and avoid the boring, tourist stuff.
  5. Good to hear you had a good time. I use euros every day and am well used to sterling conversions. 600 sterling is 900 euros. Just divide the sterling amount by 2 and add it back on to the original sterling amount. 600 divided by 2 is 300. Then 300 and 600 is 900.
  6. Actually aine we got a really bad exchange rate on Thursday. I bought 400 euros for £317!!! And that was at the post office!
    I think the exchange rate might be worse right now. You are basing equations on 2/3, but it was more like 3/4.
    I came home and did the conversion on xe.com and it said the one euro was worth just over 75p!

    I am scared to get my credit card bill now....
  7. The conversion Aine describes is the one our local store for leather goods in Hannover/Germany uses. Last week I looked at new Mulberry purses which had just arrived and the ones that are 250 £ on the website are sold for 375 € over here.
  8. So I guess it just depends on the exchange rate (obviously as they cannot keep changing prices constantly).
    I just thought it was too expensive at the moment to buy anything as the rate is not that great.
  9. Today 375 euros is over £283!!!
    When did this happen???
  10. This is what's called "rich people's problems..." -- When you are worried and tsking over currency exchange rates.... In the scheme of life, this is a "good" problem to have...
  11. I guess it's because the pounds is so tightly linked to the dollar which is really not doing well right now. So right now it's really good for us from european countries to shop in Uk and USA, while it's unfortunately bad for you Brits with a weak pound - this will of course be evened out again so don't worry, you guys will be shopping in Paris at great rates again in a short while :smile:
  12. As for little old Mexican me...when I go to Europe (hah, I can't believe I can even say that!)...everything is so expensive no matter what currency... (I live on Mexican pesos...) so I just say f*** it and spend because....that's my moment for spending. I literally go for months in Mexico without buying a single thing. Not. One. Single. Thing. There's nothing here I want. The clothes is bad. The shoes don't fit my size 8 feet. So, I come back from my travels with full suitcases. But we do have sunshine and a low cost of living and lots of servants all year round....
  13. I certainly don't profess to have anything other than middle class problems.
    I just want a great exchange rate wherever in the world that I travel! :p

    I know I should be thinking of the local economy and the financial state of the world as a whole, but 1.30euros to the pound...yuck!!

    I went to America last year and I was so excited by the exchange rate...everything was half price!! When my family comes here though I always feel so bad for them.
  14. TropicalGal , you have great food and restaurants too!!!!!!!!
    Also to die for Mexican jewelry. I moved overseas with 6 suitcases , one of which contained only toys, and 4 kids in tow , I returned years later with a container load!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Out of interest what bags were the parisians carrying???? Did you see any Mulberry?