I am back from outlet!pics!

  1. I am back from the outlet!!!Guess what I got!!!

  2. A BELTED ERGO??????? And a wallet of some kind????? and a scarf??? and......
  3. OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!!!!
  4. Do we get to start the timer now, Kimmie!!????

    30 seconds???? LOL!
  5. More stripteasing!!! I almost feel naughty!:shame: OPEN PLEASE!!!
  6. :popcorn:
  7. A gallery tote on the right...ergo on the left...a wristlet...maybe 2, and a scarf!!!
  8. :beach:
  9. ^^^awesome guess! Remember kimmie's 30 second rule! No torture here!!!!:lol:
  10. BRING ON THE COACH PORN!!!! :dothewave:
  11. :popcorn: I love a great deal...BRING IT ON!!!

  12. Yes, Yes!! Times up Carley!! Whipm' out!! Hurry Up!!! Fast, come on!!!! Sheesh not fast enough!! Lets go!!!!!
  13. I'm gonna guess at least one of those babies is an ergo!
  14. :hysteric::hysteric:
  15. Knock, knock??? Carley?? you there?? You have an audience waiting.