I am back and I hunger for...

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  1. ... something Chèvre!!!

    I'm so glad to be back among you, ladies!
  2. I was wondering where you'd got to..! Welcome back!!:yahoo:
  3. Welcome back! I hope you had a nice holiday.

    Anything you found at H in England?
  4. Nah, didn't go to London. I did go to Bicester village and scored some Penhaligon's, though. Nothing Hermès but hey, there's always tonight after work :graucho:
  5. Oooh! I also love Penhaligon's! I love the candles and the perfume "Malabah!"
  6. ^ me too - I love Bluebell.
  7. Nice to see you again...chevre is divine!!
  8. Welcome back... me is craving chevre too (in thalassa blue)..
  9. Yes, Malabah candles are really nice. They just have beautiful product.

    I am always craving Chevre, so I feel for you and with you!!!
  10. I bought some perfume that smells divine plus Christmas decorations (a metal snowflake, I wanted one for ages), some house scent and small leather items. Loot pic later if anyone is interested :smile:
  11. ...We're interested in ANY loot...!!!:P LOL!
  12. ^^ YES!!! Pics please!
  13. Welcome back! And you've joined the Constantly Craving Chevre club!
  14. Welcome back to the forum! I think all of us NEED something chevre. I'm pining for a Birkin in chevre.:love:
  15. Welcome back, Perja! I love fancy toiletries, too! :love:
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