I am back! and I had a blast in Chicago!

  1. I just got back from my long weekend trip to Chicago and it's a truly fun city! My hotel was right across the river from Donald Trump's still-in-construction hotel & condo... the river view at night is gorgeous! we were walking along the Michigan Ave. and i was drooling at all the shops... :drool:

    I must say, the people dress a little bit differently in Chicago than LA... I saw a ton of brand name bags walking on the streets... I saw 2 georgous Chanels, a good number of Coaches, quite a bit of LVs, some Fendi Spy and a bunch of other beautiful bags... I must say I feel bad to have left my Damier Speedy at home...

    The most fun was to bar hop at night, just walking everywhere and that's a totally different experience from LA, where you do NOT walk anywhere... i loved it, all the walking made me feel less guilty about the amount of alcohol i had consumed over the weekend.. lol :yahoo:I would very much like to go back to Chicago again...
  2. I adore Chicago. We hope to move there next year. It feels like such a "real city" compared to SF, in my opinion.
  3. Glad you had a blast!
  4. glad to hear you had fun! I was there last summer visiting some family and I loved it too!!
  5. I love Chicago!! I went there awhile ago and stayed at the Drake:smile: Gorgeous!!
  6. WOW lucky!! i love chicago! i would love to go back and visit it! i'm so glad you had a great time!
  7. thank you girls! yes it was a lot of fun!
    we went to a baseball game at the wrigley field...
    SF Giants vs Chicago Cubs... Giants won! heehee :P
    we walked everywhere and even gone on a "gangster tour"...
    too bad i only had 3 days there...
  8. I am glad you are back and that you are safe! I also want to visit Chicago one day! They say the shops are to die for! I want to go to a "gangster tour".
  9. I love Chicago!!! I'm glad you had a great time :smile:
    I agree with what someone said about San Fran....Chicago has a much more metropolitan feel!
  10. Did you stay at Hotel 71? I was there in July and rebooked it for the Mid-West PF Meeting! It's a great location.:smile:
  11. I LOVE Chicago. My best friend and I try and do a weekend once a year for shopping! Last Nov. we were lucky enough to stay at The Peninsula in an upgraded suite overlooking the Water Tower! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I can't wait to go back again.........yummy food, great city, amazing shopping :smile:
  12. We just moved from the Chicago area 4 months ago. I could take the train in to the city whenever. Museums, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, the lakefront, Grant Park, Lincoln Park, etc.--what a great city. The Peninsula is my absolute favorite hotel; Park Hyatt my second favorite. Which hotel did you stay at? Sounds like you had a fab time.
  13. i havent been to chicago in... about 3 years now, i think?

    i previously attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and met tons of students from Chicago and surrounding suburbs... I've visited some friends, and even went to a wedding with one of my dear friends, and we had a blast shopping and hanging out in the city.

    Chicago is one city I wouldn't mind relocating to...
  14. I lived in Chicago for a few years - when most of my friends were in London working in the pre-requisite PR firms, I thought 'to heck with that, I'm going exploring...' and ended up in Chicago and stayed for five years!

    They were the best of my life (apart from my now happily married years of course) I loved loved loved it and to this day still miss it.

    The people were so kind and the nightlife for a 20-something was the BEST.

    If anyone has never been, then GO - it is worth trip - and when you do, give my love the Windy City - God bless her!:heart:

  15. What day did you go? I was there on Saturday. I live in Chicago. I was disappointed that the Cubs lost, but hey, it's to be expected!! LOL i

    Glad you had such a great time!