i am baaack!!!!

  1. it's been a month! school is finally over and i am back from holiday. I saw quite a few bbags in Hong Kong while on vacation. I was in Makati City, Phlippines and Kowloon, Hong Kong. I knew I should've posted a thread about a possible meeting. But if anyone in those necks of the world saw a tiny tourist with a greige work, it was probably me!

    anywho just want to say "HI" to my fellow bbaggers. Glad to see some familiar people still pokin' around! Hi to OhDonna, StyleFly, Eping, FendiHunter, aaa, pp100 and everyone else!
    astly, i'd like to extend a warm welcome to all the newbies!!!!
  2. Welcome back tnc! I'm a newbie. I noticed on your location you have:Fres-"yes" CA... are you referring to Fresno, by chance?
  3. Welcome back! ;)
  4. A warm


    'T' tnc... :yahoo::dothewave::party: ENJOY our boards :tup:
  5. welcom back! so did you make any new additions to your B family while on holiday in HK? :graucho:
  6. welcome back Tara!! nice to have you here again!!!!
  7. Well, welcome back....I'm a newbie to the Bal forum!!!
  8. Welcome back Tara! It's so awesome to see you back here:yahoo:!
  9. :heart:Welcome back!!!!! Glad to see you back and posting again:yahoo:
  10. Welcome back TNC!
    04' khaki is still with me and I'm enjoying having her in my collection. Glad you're back:smile:
  11. Nice to see you back too!
  12. Welcome back! Did you have withdrawal symptoms from the TPF? My friend did when she was on vacation. :roflmfao: