I am at such a crossroads--what Chanel to keep or buy b/c I can't have them all!

  1. As I posted a while back, I bought a gorgeous python classic clutch. It is truly beautiful and I like to just look at it. In fact, that is all I have done. In all likelihood I will only carry that little jewel 10 to 12 times a year. Going out (which is rare in my rural little area with my two babies) weddings, maybe on a nice vacation/trip. But, I will be able to carry it forever.

    So, should I exchange it for a black caviar jumbo flap before the price increase. Here again, I still love my black cabas and might not make the flap my workhorse just now, but it is also a forever bag that I will carry forever.

    I can't have both--so which one should I decide on?? I must be really superficial because this is keeping me up nights :push:

    Any input from you brilliant girls?? Thanks!
  2. go for the jumbo flap
  3. I'd get the flap too....
  4. Given all of your factors: you live in a rural area, you don't have a "clutch lifestyle," you've had it for a bit now (a few weeks?) and haven't worn it...I would say that the jumbo flap is going to be a better idea, and investment, for you than the collectors' item that is the python clutch. And that clutch is KILLER.
  5. Definitely the flap, because you would use it so much more..
  6. i'll have the flap cos you will get more use out of it. also with you posting this thread i think you are having doubt yourself too.

    exchang eit to the jumbo flap. you will love it
  7. It pains me b/c the python clutch is so awesomely awesome that I might sell an organ to buy one...but realistically you won't get much use out of it, and if you use the ol' "cost per wear" purchasing justification rule, you'll wear the jumbo so many times that the bag will be worth the price.
  8. Flap all the way. You'll get more joy out of using the flap daily!
  9. agreed:tup:
  10. I agree! And imo you can still dress this purse up if you would like to!
    For your next anniversary you should hint your husband for a caviar clutch:graucho:
  11. I'd go for the flap too!
  12. jumbo flap :tup:
  13. i'd exchange it for the jumbo flap!
  14. Jumbo Flap!
  15. ummm I am the sole vote for the clutch I guess....
    I say keep it because it is so unique. Yes, there may be a price increase BUT you can always get a flap...and the clutch is :drool: