I am asking for the unthinkable...

  1. Help! I know I have an addiction! I am going to NYC in August and I know that I should wait to shop when I arrive (special trip planned to BalNYC) but I am having a difficult time not ordering up a bag. :hysteric: or two...:shame: Please...someone talk me out of shopping!
  2. If you wait then you get to go into the store and see all the lovely handdbags and touch them and choose your handbag yourself from all the lovelies! If you order now you will have to order over the phone and have someone else choose your bag! (how am I doing?) : )

    I wish you well,

  3. Is it me or do we really need a support group when these new colors arrive? I have absolutely NO restraint! But thanks Bridge!:shame: The problem is Sarah chooses for me perfectly each time.
  4. shoegal, by august, all the fall colors and new style should be out. save your money now...wait until you can see them in person, then stock up. blue-grey part-time! yummy!
  5. You are so lucky to have an opportunity to choose the perfect bag from the entire store! Look at it this way--the initial shipments have already been picked through. If you can hold off a bit they will have received a fresh stock of bags by the time you visit, so the selection will actually be better!
  6. Esile and valerieb your both good at talking someone into waiting. I can't respond to this post because I have the :devil: on one shoulder and the :angel: on the other and for some reason I always listen to the :devil:
  7. that's because it's always more fun to listen to the :devil: !!!;)
  8. Amen! But the :angel: is winning! I am going to have to visit this thread EVERYDAY!
  9. haha, exactly! :lol:

    shoegal, wouldn't you rather know that you handpicked your own bag? it will be like a personal bonding experience. years from now, you can say, "the day my bag and i met..."
  10. Okay so far so good....
  11. ... and you might get :devil: Terri :devil: on the phone!!!
  12. mlert, nice job with the convincing. that was the deal clincher.:lol:
  13. Definetly!!
  14. To be honest, I've never called Bal NY up, so I've never had to deal with her.. but from hearing all these stories, it makes me really afraid to walk into the Bal NY store... :shame:
  15. I don't think this is the place to ask for restraint purchasing bags, :graucho: