I am approaching 1,000 posts...

  1. :yahoo: Hard to believe I have only been around since October and I am close to hitting my 1,000 post...so with that said, what should I treat myself too? Any ideas?

    Also, for those of you who have already posted 1,000 posts -what did you treat yourself too?

    ...ps: my DH knows I am on this site all the time and just laughs, good thing he doesn't read up on my posts -HA! HA! :roflmfao:

    any ideas? :confused1:


  2. I passed 1000 and didn't even notice, so I'm glad you're aware of it. Congrats, btw. I think you should mosey over to my favorite shop on North Michigan Ave., the BV at 800 N., ask for Linda, and treat your self to a Bottega Veneta bag or wallet. That's what I'd do. What's your favorite designer?

    Duh! It's probably LV.
  3. boxermom--You just paased 2000. I hope you are celebrating by treating yourself with something nice!!!

    itsgood2beme--Congratulations!!! You sure deserve a nice treat!!!:party:
  4. congrats! You're over now!
  5. Good job.
  6. Yep...I am over now - what fun!! I decided to treat myself to the Large LV Looping purse - I bought it off let-trade.com - seeing that I had to spend over $500 to repair my furnace and then another $400 on a snowblower -needless to say, I spent my budget I was going to use for a pusre -so I bought off let-trade instead -yippee!! It's better than nothing!!