I Am An Idiot!

  1. Gah!!!!
    Do you ever have those moments when you see something on sale, but its the holidays and you've already spent a bunch of money on gifts and you are in a cheap mood and don't get it...
    but then like 4 weeks later you see it again and you REALLY want it, but its full price?

    well thats me right now with this hoodie... i want the fur.
    I am such a cheap idiot- it was ONLY 45$ at metropark- now if I want it I will have to cough up 100$. GRRRRR
    but i want it!!! :crybaby:
  2. Oh no! I am sorry to hear that! As long as you do end up getting the jacket it will be OK, even if you have to annoyingly pay more.
    I did that yesturday with a coach bag on eBay, I forgot to bid and even though it is worth about $100 odd, it went for $50!!! I could have also kicked myself for forgetting to bid!
  3. If you want to risk waiting another 2 weeks to buy it, I am going to be doing an exclusive sale code for Tobi on my blog in February.
  4. Wait that fur hoodie is on sale at Metro right now? Was this a recent markdown?
  5. that's what I want to know... I know the thermal was on sale but I didn't bother checking the hoodies. I've been wanting that one O_O
  6. Yeah it sucks. But if you wait a bit the prices might come down nearing the end of winter.
  7. yah it was pretty recent- this is the store in Buffalo, NY
    they have OUTRAGEOUS sales on toki all the time
    (this is the store where i got like 3 toki t-shirts for 10$ each etc)
  9. do they hav a websit?
  10. I just got an email from Metropark and they are offering free ground shipping for orders placed this weekend! Happy shopping :okay:!
  11. same here in houston, i got a vacanze denaro for $40
  12. I know they had their January sale where it was like 40% off tokidoki stuff in stores and online, but I didn't see the hoodie marked down. Grrr..
  13. Looks like I missed their toki Jan sale :sad:
  14. The hoodie is marked down at Metropark. I went to Stonestown Metropark over the weekend and it was not marked down but came out as sale price . They had a bunch of sizes left.