I am an idiot for returning this bag in April

  1. I purchased a black patent leather tote and returned it and now I'm kicking myself. It is similiar to the one in this picture except it has a zipper closure across the top and the dimentions are about 12 in. long, 6 inches high and 3 inches wide. I really want this bag back again, if anyone has seen it anywhere in black can you pm me.


    chanel black tote.jpg
  2. I had the same bag in pink, but sold it. I bought it about 6 months ago at Neimans Last Call. It may be hard to find.
  3. did they happen to have it in black when you purchased the pink?
  4. it's cute!
    I know your pain. . . I returned a tote about 6 weeks ago I really liked because I thought it wans't the right one. I just rebought it last week, expecting it anyday now! LOL!
  5. Thank you. I noticed that earlier today. I guess I'll just keep checking ebay until someone posts one for sale.
  6. Don't worry Laf....we have all done this at one time or another and believe me, sellers (or returners) remorse is worse than buyers. Happened to me with a Chloe recently...Hay, why don't we coin a phrase about this ...we can say "I just pulled a Swanky" in honor of our fearless leader mod!!:P
  7. :lol:
  8. I pulled a bbbbbiiiiiggggg Swanky!!
  9. i just seen it being sold somewhere online other than ebay
    google it and it will pop up
  10. We've all done. And I agree returners remose is worse than buyers remorse. I just "repurchased" the 2.55 that I returned about 10 months ago. I was fortunate that my SA still had one. Funny how they have them tucked away sometimes.

    P.S. Good luck in tracking down your bag. Its beautiful.
  11. I only saw the pink, but maybe another Neimans Last Call would have them. I found mine in MD over at Arundel Mills.
  12. Yes, you are in good company. I could kick myself for returning my black metallic Luxe Ligne flat shopper. It's so funny how you have to go through other bags to realize that was the ONE!
  13. Oh, I hate when that happens! I hope you find a replacement, it's lovely!