I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor....hope my story helps !!!!

  1. During this month of cancer awareness I would like to take advantage of this forum to
    post some of the tips given to me by a Cancer survivor which guided me through the process of surviving breast cancer. It is the least I can do to relay her helpful information, which I believe saved my life.

    1.- She told me to aggressively attack the disease, despite what the doctors recommended or told me to do.

    2.-She told me to take a legal pad to all appointments, research types of cancer, etc., prior to appointments and ask, ask, ask questions from the doctors and write down the answers I got.

    3.-She suggested I get a masectomy regardless of the recommendations of the doctors regarding lumpectomy, etc.

    4. She suggested a double masectomy and a hysterectomy. Mind you she had had cancer almost 25 years ago, so she was a pioneer in aggressive treatments. She is a University professor and still alive and healthy.

    5. She suggested the most aggressive chemo the doctors would give me.

    What I did.

    When told I had cancer of the left breast I asked for a double masectomy. I had to go through hell for my request. I was accused by the surgeon of wanting this for vanity...it took me a month and a half to convince him that vanity had nothing to do with it, that I did not want to have to go back for a second operation later on, or worse, have the second cancer kill me, after he finally agreed and scheduled the operation,the insurance company fought me, and refused to cover the operation up until the Friday before my operation which was to take place Monday at 7:30 a.m.

    I got the double masectomy, with reconstruction. My Guardian Angel lady had suggested I get no reconstruction but that I could not do.....

    When the tissue biopsis came back from the second breast, it came back pre-cancerous and the surgeon/oncologist told me, now I know the insurance won't open their mouth and now I know you were right....

    Next, at my oncologist I asked to be told if my cancer was hormone receptive or not and what exactly came back in the report and a copy of the report. Once I got the report I researched everything there was on the web on my particular cancer type.
    Then, on my next visit to the oncologist I asked for the strongest chemo he could give me for my type of cancer and showed him the research on the different chemos for my type of cancer. He was happy to discuss it with me and agreed with me on what I was asking., I told him I had once chance to beat this and I was going all out. I got the "Red Devil" treatment and more.

    Chemo was not the monster I thought but it did take its toll.....lost hair, but my wigs were great, being very tired, etc. Again, thanks to my guardian angel lady I asked for my chemot to take place on Thursdays, that way, when the effects really took place from late Friday through the weekend I would not be alone at home, hubby would be there and I would not be at work. I did work through it all, actually making more money that year that I had made the year before, I enlisted a good friend in the same business to drive me once in a while when I had to show expensive property and was not strong enough to drive, her and I shared these transactions. One funny story, I had to go on an outside pully with a helmet to the 25th floor of a high rise that was not finished, my partner had worn high heels and was not allowed up, so I went, on the way down, with clients my helmet and wig came off., I laughed and laughed and somehow it did not seem horrible.

    I did not do the historectomy.....the chemo, and long term tamoxifen treatment took care of hormone problems.

    I don't often speak about my cancer experience, mainly because I really don't ever think about it any more.....yes, it was difficult, but not undoable and, if you take your cure into your own hands and know every step along the way it is way better.....the worse is not having anyone tell you what you are going to feel, what is going to happen and the feeling that this is a death sentence........IT IS DEFINITELY NOT!!!!!!! By the way, 6 months after my diagnosis, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.....the poor kids were devastated, but guess what....we tackled his like we did mine and here we are, both of us 11 years later.......and by the way, I got great "girls" which I still show off.......If you should get breast cancer......become a pivotal part of your treatment and
    ask, ask, ask and.........know that there are many, many of us out there that
    BEAT IT...........LOVE:heart:H
  2. Oh my, I did not know you were a survivor! Congrats on taking control of your treatment and your future. 11 years is pretty significant. I wish you 111 more.
  3. What an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing it. Your strength and courage throughout that whole difficult time is definitely an inspiration to me and I am sure to others. Congrats on 11 years! And I am sure there will be many more to come!
  4. thank you for posting.:flowers: i hope every woman here reads this.:yes:
    your positive spirit and attitude is inspirational.:tup:
    i wish you health and happiness in your future.:heart: you deserve it.
  5. Wow, it's so great that you've beat it, and are healthy now. Thanks so much for sharing your story.:heart:
  6. I hae just read your story and think that you are a very brave lady. I am glad to hear that you and your husband are both still here to tell the tale.
    What an inspiration you are to all women.

    I wishe you all the best for the future and thank you for sharing your experience with us.
  7. What a wonderful source of inspiration!!!! Congrats for having the courage to share your journey!

  8. That is an AMAZING inspirational story, and it's WONDERFUL to hear that you AND your husband are doing great! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Congrats on your 11 years. Truly an inspirational story. I hope you and your DH are doing well.
  10. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your inspirational story! My mum is a breast cancer survivor of 15 years and counting! She was diagnosed in 92 and at the time underwent a mastectomy and chemo. In 2004, it came back in a lymph nodes on the same side. She underwent radio therapy and took some hormonal drugs. The treatment left her weak, but she's doing well now. So ladies, it is treatable! You need to stay positive, and like habanerita says, do your research!
  11. Thanks for posting this. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and my aunt is currently battling it too.

    Just like you my mom had to fight to get her remaining breast removed because she didn't want to take a chance. It took a year for the doctors to agree but she just had her second surgery last week.

    She's been cancer free for two years!!