I am afraid to use my Beverly MM - help, pls!

  1. Hi Everyone, I purchased my beverlyMM bag about 2 months ago. I love this bag but I can't bring myself to take her out of the box and use the bag! I don't know if it's b/c it is the most expensive bag I've purchased or b/c I'm afraid I'm going to get it dirty! When do you use your Beverly? Is it a special occassion bag, an everyday bag? I just don't know when to use her. Help,please!
  2. You bought her so now you have to take her out of the box and show her off! She'll just get more beautiful with use. Don't be afraid.
  3. Yes yes, you should bring it out since u've bought it. ;)
  4. I had the same feeling with my Speedy.. (it may not be so expensive to others but it was to me) and I felt cautious about using it. Once I started just taking it out with me you'll learn to enjoy it, trust me :smile:
  5. I have my Beverly MM too, I haven't used her as of yet. I have sprayed her down w/ apple guard as a protectant just to be safe. I am waiting until I go back to work (2 weeks) to break her in. I have also not used my Amarante brentwood either. I am waiting for fall for that one.

    Use her girl! If you are worried about the vachetta~ use a leather protectant and that will make you feel better.

    Once you use her, please post pics! She is great for any occasion!
  6. The day I bought my Beverly MM, I took her home and used an entire can of Champs leather protector on her :roflmfao: OOPS!!

    USE IT!!! Just think if you get the leather dirty, and it gets really bad, there is always a possibility of getting the leather replaced...and you spent a fortune on the bag, so take it out and use it! Mine already has a little bit of rubbing on the piping, and lots scratches on the hardware, but it doesn't take away from the beauty of the bag. I use it for whatever; to work, to lunch, to shopping, etc.
  7. I don't have this particular bag, but it is a beautiful one. Please use her - she wants to be taken out! I know what you mean about being afraid to, but you have to try get over that & just do it! Really, I think it would be more a waste of money to have her sitting unused in the closet than it would to use her and get a bit dirty or scratched.
  8. I've had my Beverly MM for a little over a month. I have used her almost everyday for the last 3 weeks. I find the vachette piping does get more rubbing then anything else. But last week, I took an eraser to clean any spots that looked dirty (not that it was dirty....I'm just very meticulous about my things) and sprayed some protector on her afterwards. I did 2 coats (half a can -- the other half for the MC Speedy!!) and she looks brand new!

    Use your bag! You'll love it even more! Just invest in a white eraser and some baby wipes (non-alcohol) for those times when you need it.
  9. I have the beverly mm and I have been using her everyday since the purchase. It has been about two months and she still looks wonderful. I get so many compliments on this bag, use it and enjoy!
  10. You need to use her!! Life is too short!!!!! Put some leather protectant on the vachetta and it will be fine!
  11. It's a beautiful bag; you need to take her out! :smile:
  12. whenever I am sacred to take a bag out, I start off with little trips. say store and back. Or little errands.