I am addicted to this place!


Jan 23, 2006
Even though I just joined, I really love this site! It is better than most of the other bag sites I belong to. The other sites are about a specific designer, or replying to others posts. This place has a bit o' everything. So I find myself checking out this site several times a day,(should check back thru the posts as not to do a double post LOL!) I am learning about other designer brands, and the general discussion section is enjoyable to read, and it has been great to chat with other members! Everything in a wonderful site is right here! Thank you Vlad and Meg, and everyone who works on this site for a job well done!!!! Thanks for giving LV it's own forum! And thank you for giving me something to do while I sit in my basement and do laundry......Best, aw:love: I just looked and I already have 93 posts!!!!! Do I need an intervention???
I totally agree.

:sad: I'm feeling like I'm posting a BIT too much. the only other forum I've belonged to was music related, and I had to stop because it was too addicting! haha.

I feel like I'm learning so much about handbags, I love it. but I'm also getting a complex of inferiority, because the nicest bag I boast is my darling coach pebbled leather duffel. haha, now I'm like "I need a Paddington, or I'm not happy."

Perhaps we BOTH need an interevention! :smile:
To each his own love!! The most expensive bag is not always the best bag. It is a common love of all purses and designer related. As long as you love the bags you have, don't feel the need to have the "latest in bag" Personally I couldn't afford it, unless I totally wore the hubby out by saying...."Honey....I saw this bag.....Can I please have it?" LOLOL!!! I don't see this happening any time soon.....
I've NEVER checked out sites like this--only stumbled on it when I was trying to find more photos of the Fendi B. Bag. Anyways, I have a friend who belongs to a "mommy" forum and she'd talk about these women like they were friends she saw every day--I thought she was maybe missing talking to adults too much or something....

BUT I know totally get how she feels. It's cool yakking with everyone, exchanging ideas and opinions. And I like the vibe of this place. I checked out tFS and I thought they were a little too catty for me.
I love this place, I go on it several times a day when I'm not home, and if I have a long break between classes, then I'll go into the library and go on. I've found out about soooooo many bags from here, and I've been stopped from buying fakes off of Ebay. I've been on other forums- one of them is www.dance.net (if anyone's on there, I post mainly in the Irish section) and another one that became a family, I still talk to most of the girls from that one. But its 3am and I really think that I should get off the forum and go to sleep, who's with me?
I'm already crazily addicted to this place to the pt that my bro finally told me "sis, why don't you get some REAL friends instead of your cyber buddies?" :lol:
I really love this blog too. It's on my favorites list and I check it throughout the day. I don't post as much as you guys but everyone seems really nice and it is soo informative. My friends don't get my handbag addiction but at least here everyone's addicted!
As you can see from my insane amount of posts, I spend a lot of time here, too :shame: But I think of it as an educational experience... I know more about bags than I ever thought I could :P
I also stumbled upon this site...and I LOVE IT!!! My husband is so happy that it has slowed down my internet shopping! (little does he know the ideas I get from this site!) I have so enjoyed looking at the collections you all have and the pics you all send in general. I can't wait to post mine! (I just bought the medium boston gucci bag with white handles ..first gucci since 8th grade) I'm 37 ...its been louis for years ANYWAY...its beautiful and only here could I share such a thought. Thank you for such a great forum.
Cristina said:
As you can see from my insane amount of posts, I spend a lot of time here, too :shame: But I think of it as an educational experience... I know more about bags than I ever thought I could :P
And you know more than some of us do, which is a huge help.

I love this place! I would be so lost without it (and stuck with some fake LVs from eBay probably).
I have a history of being addicted to a large variety of forums :smile: But I particularly enjoy this one because I didn't used to have a place to vent with fellow addicts, since no-one really understands my bag-thing :P And of course I find the info and advice really helpful and people are just great :love: