I am addicted to the Legacy Collection!

  1. Here is what I have so far...I am still seeking the muffler, the striped wristlet, the leather wristlet, and the zoe clutch. It was funny because the SA said that the scarf I picked would be too long to go on the bag, but I think I did a nice job knotting it on. Does anyone else have the striped scarf on any of their bags?
  2. Lovely! I wanted the Legacy ponytail scarf but that is looking hopeless.
  3. Beautiful! I love the Legacy bags. :yes:
  4. Lovely! I'm addicted to the collection as well... I was full blown obsessed when I officially saw it online... I love all of your pieces and that beret is adorable... Here is what I have so far...

  5. Becca - Which scarf is that, that you have knotted on your bag? All I see on the Coach website is this and the stripes look wider than what you have:

  6. Here is the one I have:


    I did not want the ponytail scarf, and I am too inept at scarf tying to attempt the square one.
  7. That is hot.
  8. Gorgeous! I am so in love with the stripes! Hoping to get the bracelet for Christmas. :love:
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