I am addicted to Mojitos....really.

  1. So I planted a mint plant in a pot on my deck. Its not huge and I am making mojitos nightly. Anyone else have the mojito addiction?

    I make mine a little different:

    8-10 mint leaves
    Keylime Juice
    Malibu Rum
    Lime Seltzer
    3 packets of Splenda (I like them sweet)

  2. ohhh, that sounds really good!
  3. I'm going to have to try your recipe, Selena. Sounds yummy!
  4. Pomegranate mojitos are yummy!
  5. LOL. I did the same thing when I planted mint!

    To make mine:
    -I put some mint leaves in an empty glass and crushed them with the bottom end of a shot glass (this is my cheap college version of a mortar and pestle btw).
    -Then I added some raw sugar. The raw sugar gives them that delicious sugar cane taste... sooo good! And I like 'em sweet too, so I added like 2-3 teaspoons worth.
    -Then I added the lime juice (1-2 TBSP?) then a shot of anejo rum, then the ice, then some seltzer or sparkling water to top it off...

    I seriously drank these until the mint was gone. My mom was like "Um.. I'm not accusing you of anything, but I noticed that you've been drinking a lot..." :upsidedown:
  6. I have never thought of using Malibu! I use 6-8 mint leaves crush the hell out of them, use about 1 fresh lime and squeeze it to death and one pack of splenda and 4 oz Bacardi rum...a bit of club soda and WOW....I can drink them forever! LOVE!
  7. Funny that I ran across this... I was craving Mojitos just a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I am PREGNANT.

    So I got a virgin one, and it was disgusting. Any ideas???
  8. Bonnie, make a non alcholic one! I have done that just for a refreshing drink!
  9. me too! i make them for my friends.ooh so good:yes:
  10. Well, I ordered a virgin Mojito. The waiter admittedly said that the bartender was like :confused1:Virgin? So it tasted completely nasty, sour, just gross.

    So should I just use the recipe above and just omit the alcohol???? Or just use lime soda and mint for now and suck it up :yucky: for say, 2yrs:crybaby: (add breastfeeding)...
  11. Do the Mojito! :party:

    Seriously, all I can think of lately is partying again! (With a certain person ;)) And Mojitos are yummy.
  12. Malibu rum rocks!

    I've also mixed it with pineapple juice and ice.
  13. you can get all different types of mint you should plant a Mojito garden

    apple mint, pineapple mint, spearmint oh and don't forget Chocolate mint I have in my window herb garden it smells gorgeous
  14. I was on a complete Mojito kick this time last year. Now you've got me wanting one again!!!:happydance::drinkup:
  15. Hey Selena,

    Have you tried the Mojito gum by Orbit?