I am addicted to Electric Blue (SGH HOBO ect)

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  1. When I first saw the swatch for EB I knew I had to have something. So I ended up waitlisting for about one of everything and these items are what I settled on for this color. I think the most accurate depiction for the color is the back shot of the bag. Also, the bag is much more saturated than my coin and make-up. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: The coin and hobo have the softest leather since my Rouge VIF hobo.




  2. Whoa! My long lost Hobo's twin! Congrats ... she is beautiful!

    Can't blame you ... that color is addicting!

    Today must be Hobo Day, this is the third one ... woo hoo!
  3. Just look at that little EB family!!:heart:

    I think EB with silver is one of the most gorgeous combos I've ever seen, truly beautiful!!

    Love you Hobo!
  4. Wow....gorgeous! The colour on the Hobo looks super yummy. Thanks for sharing your babies;)

  5. wow wow wow. i am beginning to love this colour more and more.
  6. i love eb with silver, it's one of my favorite combo!
  7. I love it
  8. What a lovely little family. EB sure is a striking colour and the leather on your pieces is gorgeous.
  9. Oh my L, it is gorgeous, the colour looks so vibrant! Congrats!
  10. I love EB, too. Congrats!
  11. Congrats! EB is such a gorgeous color :yes:
  12. Gorgeous display of EB!! I don't think I've seen an EB Giant Hobo yet! Modeling pics :flowers:?
  13. you are, indeed! gorgy EB family. congrats!
  14. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the GH Hobo - the electric blue and GSH - perfect combination! Love your accessories too...
  15. What a gorgeous EB collection, congratulations, i love the trio.:tup::drool::heart: