I am about to get the INDY BROWN GUSSISIMA...from bluefly!

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  1. Thanks to beljwl!

    It's in my shopping bag now....but I was wondering if Bluefly is a good place to shop! I was in shock that the price is so low....I actually planned to go to the boutique today to get it....in brown gussisima leather in large size and it's almost 600 less!than the boutique price..so I am a little worried.....is it safe to shop there?(first timer at BF) why is it so much cheaper? Can anyone help me? Thanks

    Don't forget to get the extra coupon codes over on the deals and steals forum

    Yes they are 100% legit

    If you look at the bottom of their web-page you will see

    ©1998-2007, Bluefly, Inc. | Bluefly (BFLY) is a NASDAQ SMALLCAP Company.

    Any company that is being traded on the stock market has to be legit
  3. Did you get the indy from Bluefly? Do you mind posting pictures of it? I'm interested in this particular model, but I want to see more pics of it.
    Thanks in advance for your help! :cool: