I am about to get my first Chanel... What should i get?

  1. My mom is a purse CRAZE just like myself, for some reason ever since I was little, I have always been attracted to her CHANELS (bags, suits, shoes, etc.). They just seem SOOOO CLASSY (just like my mom);)

    and thanks to all you TPFers, I am aware of the price increase in November and want to get my FIRST CHANEL before the prices go up again (i should've bought one before the increase earlier this year.....:crybaby:)

    well.. anyways.. i want to get a CLASSIC bag.. definitely a flap... please give me some input on SIZES, COLORS, COLOR OF HARDWARE, ETC.

    I live in NJ so.. if there is also ANY SA you can recommend me to go to.. please help!! i am HUNGRY for a Chanel!!!:drool:
  2. I'd get black for a first chanel, but that is because black works best with my wardrobe. Also, as has been discussed before many of us pick hardware color based on what kind of jewelry you wear. How old are you? Do you go to school, work or what? All of these things will help us to help you decide on a size...
  3. Thank You for the QUICK reply!!:tup: i am currently 21 yrs old.. i actually PREFER silver hardware... because i rarely wear anything gold!! and i was thinking black as well, but what size, and i was thinking about the reissue too!!!

    I am taking a semester off college, and will resume in spring..

    I am about 5' 6, and 118 lbs... and most of my jewelry are from tiffany and dior...

    TIA EXPERTS!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    and some pictures will help too!!!! thanks~
  4. Well, I am biased because I just got a classic jumbo caviar leather flap and absolutely love it. I think it is perfect for everyday because the leather is so durable. I can wear it messenger style or on the shoulder. Also it is so roomy and I can fit everything I need in it. The large size was a bit too small for me (couldn't fit my sunglass case in it!). If you def. want a flap I think jumbo is the way to go, but you should go to your nearest store and try the different sizes on...good luck!!:smile:
  5. Definitely Black Caviar Jumbo with Silver hw for you. I personally prefer the gold hw but if you say you wear no gold jewelry at all, than the silver is perfect for you. Good luck! Let us know what you decide on :smile:
  6. ^Agreed. A Black Caviar Jumbo with silver hardware is the perfect piece to start your collection. You won't regret it :yes:
  7. If you like the look of the reissue with the MM lock, I wonder if they came out with a black MM lock with the classic chain? I know the Chanel Boutiques and NM have a Dk. Brown Jumbo with MM lock and classic chain and it's kinda distressed leather so you wouldn't have to be so careful with it! You could try calling them and see....I would definately go with a Black Bag with Silver Hardware!
  8. a classic black flap bag would be nice to start with. I have the jumbo size and love it.
  9. there's a black jumbo with the mm lock and classic chain in metallic glazed lambskin. you could try that if you like the look of the reissue.
  10. I am a huuuuge fan of the reissue, so I would say get a metallic black reissue in size 227! Go try them on and decide if the reissue or classic flap look suits you better :yes:
  11. Either a black caviar jumbo or a black reissue (if you can still find one) would be a good '1st' Chanel.

    But if you intend to bring it to class for some of the days, I would think the Jumbo is more suitable. Good luck!
  12. I'd suggest the black metallic reissue. It has silver hardware and the finish gives it an edgier look than your classic lambskin or caviar leather. Jeffrey New York has the 226 & 227 in stock; have them ship it to you in Jersey for $10 and you can save on tax. Ask for Phillip.
  13. I would go with black caviar flap with silver hardware in jumbo or medium/large. The medium/large with gold hardware was my first Chanel and I love it. It is so classic :heart:
  14. ^:yes:
  15. Thanks so much for all your input!!

    i have always thought that the jumbo is HUGE... NO?!