I am about to cheat on Hermes..Hermes Garden party tote vs. LV Batignolles Horizontal

  1. Hi, guys!

    I am about to cheat on Hermes. Ever since I became addicted to Hermes, I could not even consider spending money on bags from other brands.

    So, it is a big dilema now...I am looking for a BIG bag for carrying some documents, books and even using as a diaper bag when we have our third kid (Oh, I am not a pregnant:P ...but we are planing to have one next year..). Yeh, I've used Birkin 35cm as a book bag a few times. But I am looking for a big bag that I don't have to be that cautious to carry heavy stuff/to keep it clean.

    Should I get Hermes Garden party fabric tote or LV canvas monogram bag? I think Hermes Garden party fabric tote might get dirty earily, but LV canvas is easy to keep it clean...Plus, Hermes Garden party tote is much more expensive than LV large tote even though it is made of fabric/toile...

    I don't know...my reasoning might be wrong...What do you guys think? I am really afraid that I might regret buying a bag from other brand since I am so used to Hermes high quality...Please don't get me wrong. LV makes very good quality bags. But, there is something very special about Hermes bags that can't be explained in words to me and to many other ladies here:smile: :rolleyes: ...

    So, if you were me, which one would you choose?:flowers:Thanks!
  2. What is the price difference between the two? If price difference isn't that great, go with Hermes. You can always spray Scotchgard on the fabric part of the bag.:yes:
  3. kou-What is Scotchgard? Sorry...
  4. Scotchgard is this thing you can spray onto fabrics so that any liquid that get splash onto the bag will roll off and not sink into the fabric. If it does get dirty somehow, you can clean the fabric off with a bit of water when you have Scotchgard it first.
  5. Oh, Thank you so much, kou!
  6. I am probably the only one, but for what you need it for, I would actually recommend the LV Monogram canvas over a fabric GP, which will undoubtedly show wear quicker than the LV.
  7. You're welcome!:flowers: Please let us know which one you decide to get.:yes:
  8. oooooh That's a tough one for me because I love LV as well and the BH is a great bag! If you have any reservations at all about getting an LV I'd go with the Garden Party...But I'd probably pick the LV due to the fact that you wouldn't have to worry about it as much since you want it to be a "workhorse" type bag. I have the Saleya PM and it is great to not have to worry about it and just be able to throw stuff in it and go. :flowers:
  9. I think neither..and you should just use your 35 Birkin!!:yes: I'm sure it'll will be alright if you get it dirty somewhat. I mean you have lots of Hermes beauties to use so you might as well use one of them!:P It makes a statement, a beauty, and great quality to lug around, IMHO!!:jammin:
  10. I loooove the GP bags....of course the cost is higher than LV -- but then the GP can probably be cleaned (I think?!)....I think being an H girl like you....you might never feel truly happy with the LV bag!
  11. I like LV bags but I think the GP is a great choice!
  12. In lieu of a briefcase, I usually carry my files in my Rocabar GPT (I've finally hit an age where my eccentricities are tolerated in business). Have you seen the beautiful tweed-looking wool GPTs? They are very stylish and wear very well. I've been shlepping mine for years and it doesn't look dirty. BTW, I used an epi Noe as my diaper bag. :smile:
  13. OK....well, for practicality sake and throw-around without worry, I'd do the LV. I've got Mom's 25-year old speedy and that thing just goes and goes.

    .....for a diaper bag and a "I-don't want to worry about my bag even if the car runs over it" bag, I'd go LV. And you know how much of an Hermes addict I am!
  14. Hi aspen,

    I just bought a LV bag yesterday for this very same reason. I had been talking to my mom and she asked if I wanted her to bring me back a bag when she goes back to Asia again...I was looking for a 35 (of course I'd have to pay her back). On the spur of the moment I went into LV yesterday and came out with a LV Epi "Passy" bag...I love it, very functional for work. There are two sizes, PM and GM which hangs over your shoulder. They are very reasonable price, I think between 1.2-1.4k. I'd get the LV, I love mine! And the price is much better for what I intend to use it for (throwing around work, not panicking when I leave it under my desk, happy hour etc)
  15. I'd go with the GP....but I have a bit of a thing for them...!