I am about to be reunited with my first spy! YAY!

  1. so i was naughty!

    despite just purchasing some chanel handbags and i SHOULD be on an EVERYTHING ban, i bought this baby spy satchel last night on eBay. i once owned this baby (it was my first fendi purchase ever!) and regretted selling it eversince. :crybaby:

    so now i am going to be reunited with my first spy ever!!! :yahoo: i am so excited to get this bag and will post pics of the actual bag when i get it. i hope it will arrive before i take off for my week-long conference starting on the 29th. :sweatdrop:

    in the meantime, here are pics that the seller sent me. will post more pics later!
    7137_1.JPG 7177_1.JPG
  2. You mean that was yours?! And you once sold it but found it and bought it back again? I saw that one too..I like! I'm glad you found it again. It's weird selling something you think you don't want (what happened to me one time) and then realizing how much you actually like it after you sell it!
  3. actually, no, the one i won on eBay is a not the original one that i owned, which is fine since the one i originally owned had a penmark on it. i just about DIED when i saw the penmark on the bag. i think that's why i sold it.

    but ever since i sold it i couldn't stop thinking about this baby spy, in this color combo. so i was happy to see it on eBay!
  4. That is one of my favourite baby spies. The purple makes it jump.
  5. BEAUTIFUL! im so loving the purple handles! Yeh! for spy reuniting!
  6. so pretty!
  7. I love this one with the purple. If I could find it in the large version, I'd snap it up in a second!
  8. the full-size ones have come up on eBay fairly regularly in the past--just keep your eyes peeled!
  9. I posted another baby one in the Authenticate This! thread. I also think its back on ebay again!

    duh, CONGRATS!!!! I think this is such a cute baby!