I am a traitor and never been happier! tee hee

  1. OMG..........holy Vuittonism
    me, Miss Chanel with 12 of them, have suddenly developed a deep love affair with Mr. Vuitton. Today I bought the fabulous MM Neverfull, which has grown very fast on me. When I first saw her, I thought "ho hum, another mono LV..." little did i know how not only beautiful, but charming, quirky, interesting, modern, light light light, and versatile she is.................and the price! omg what a pleasure after dealing with the escalating numbers at the House of Chanel (and in several instances, de-escalating quality). and then, what appears in my mail later this afternoon but my new adorable, irreverent, Steven Sprousian khaki graffiti speedy!!!!!!! Holy speed freak :p

    all in one day......................my Chanels are jealous, pouting, and mad at mommy, but..............they have been the princesses of the purse closet for too long, and now its time for a new regime..........:yahoo:

    PS petite Noe MC in white is next.......:love:

    my bad
  2. Woohoooo...welcome to the dark side!!! WOuld LOVE to see pics!
  3. Congrat's you seem like a very pleased buyer :smile: always good to hear.
  4. How cute!
    Can we see pics?
  5. Awesome! I too love Chanel but LV is my tops! We would love to see pics!
  6. Nice to see you here. I'm a Chanel convert myself.
  7. Congrats on the new purchase!!! :biggrin:
  8. Love the story! Welcome!
  9. LV.......its a sick addiction, isnt it? I need rehab...
  10. Sounds like you're having lotsa fun with Mr. Vuitton.! :p
  11. Congrats and welcome to the LV obsession!:yahoo:
    I don't own any Chanel but am keen to visit the boutique on my next holidays and see what they have here.:sweatdrop:
  12. dont we all? :yes:
  13. Congrats! THis is just the beginning...
  14. Woohoo!!! We snagged another LV fanatic into the dark side! Hehee. Congratulations on your fantastic LV purchases! Don't worry --- your Chanel babies will eventually feel okay with sharing closet space with LV. :roflmfao: After all, mommy has to be happy, right? If mommy is happy, then everybody is happy.
  15. Mwah ha ha ha (evil laugh)!! Welcome, welcome to the wide world of Louis. There's no going back!!!!