I AM a Tano virgin! What should be my 1st purchase?

Oct 8, 2008
Hi Ladies,

I joined this forum because I saw a Tano bag on ebay and I was in LOVE. :heart:
So, after looking at some gorgeous Tano babies, I am floored. I have never ever been so in love with so many bags by the same designer. These bags rock and I cannot wait to get one. I am agonizing over my first purchase. Sooo many beautiful bags and colors... :nuts:

I think I might need to get the sexbomb first. Oh, my wallet is already screaming. hahahaha.


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Feb 26, 2008
Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!!!! A sexbomb is a great first tano... it's a hot bag! Also, the boogie bucket is a customer favorite and I adore the minilisa! It depends what you want the bag for and how big and all that!

What color(s) are you looking at :graucho:???

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May 5, 2008
any one of those mentioned are a fine choice!!!!!! Just order from a place that takes returns, as you will have to return some until you find the Tano that best suits you. Take it from "the Return Queen." Have fun!!!!!


Feb 10, 2008
Sex Bomb! I have one in Raspberry and it's my ideal bag. Perfect size and shape and the side "cinching" is just so flirty and gives the bag so much personality. The LRC is the same bag just different leather. I really hope to get one in Onyx here soon!:tup:


Sep 3, 2007
If you're in Knoxville, there are at least 3 stores that carry a few Tanos so you could get an idea. Obligato on Kingston Pike had some French Nannys (including a grape), Petit Larcenys and I think Boogie Buckets in some of the new fall colors when I was there in late August. Elle boutique and Francesca's in Turkey Creek carry a few. Elle had a few new fall ones but I don't think any Francesca's have gotten new fall colors in yet this year. Good luck, you will love Tano!