I am a sick sick person....somebody stop me!!

  1. Ok, so I officialy have a serious mental problem. I cant stop buying bbags!!!!!

    It all started so innocently. I needed a white bag for summer. I had no idea what I wanted, it just had to be white. The I stumbled upon a white First from my-personalshoppers and bought it for $750, not a bad deal. Didnt know much about b-bags but loved this one!!

    Then I stumbled accross this site and it opened my mind to a whole new universe. I saw the colours!! Oh, the wonderful colours! I had no idea there were so many. I researched and I researched, learned how to spot fakes, learned the styles, learned where to buy and now I am hooked. Now over a short period of time, within literally days, I managed to purchase the following:

    White First - My Personal Shoppers
    Black City - Bal NY (returned an Ink City for it, just more practical)
    Black First - From PF member
    Turquoise City - From PF member
    Bronze City - Pending from Crickets (if they ever get back to me!!)

    and after all this I am still contemplating the following:

    Pewter First - from ebay - authentic

    Ink something, maybe Work - I just love the colour!! Or should I go with a Black work and go back to the Ink city and forget the black City - oh I'm so confused!!! why cant I have them all!!!

    Aaaaand I want an apple green first. I have to have this one, I just looooove it. And if I still have money I want a Magenta first;)

    Oh and I want a Whisky Chloe Paddington

    Ok. Im done *sigh*. Please, someone help:wacko:
  2. that's soooo funny!!!! I feel you girl!!!!;) :lol:
  3. That's why we're ALL here, lol. You are definitely NOT alone.;)
  4. Oops, double post, sorry...
  5. ooooooooooooooooohhhh it is addictive, alright!!!! Don't worry you're not alone!!!
  6. hahaha, i know how that is. b bags are another form of crack addition.
  7. You won't find much help for your addiction here, we're a bunch of enablers :P

    Congrats on the purchases, they all sound :love:
  8. i'm in the same boat as you are LOL! :biggrin:
  9. Ok, then. No help from you guys, you're all addicted too!!

    In that case, maybe ya'll can help me with this:

    Here's the Pewter, what do you think should I get it? Might make a nice going out bag. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6870188990&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1

    And what do you think is better: Ink Work and Black City combo OR Black Work and Ink City Combo. The work would be for work stuff, the City would be for shopping, hanging out etc, but not going out to dinner/bars stuff like that.
  10. I think the black work and ink city would be best. Unless you wanna spice your work life up...although ink isn't that outrageous of a color. But it will definitely get a lot of attention.
  11. I say go for the ink work. I really want a work bag too. That is my next buy unless i come across something in eggplant. Pewter is a great color.

    Once you have one Bbag you can't stop. it is awful =]
  12. Wow! You HAVE gone BERZERK! But that's okay! We like crazy people here! In fact, we're ALL NUTZ ourselves!

    Enjoy your bags! I would LOVE to see a picture of all of them together! With you rolling in them, perhaps?! That would be funny! (kidding....sort of). ;)
  13. Yes I certainly have. As soon as I get them all here I will take a picture of my new little family.

    Ok. So I think I will hold off on the work bag until I see the 06 Royal Blue, I might like that better than the Ink but we'll see.

    Still on the fence about the Pewter, I would ONLY use it for going out. I have 5 days to decide on that one.

    Will not ever stop my search for the apple green.
  14. I agree that you are in good company! I think many of us thought we might just get one Balenciaga bag--for a short time. Once we discover how many colours there are--with new ones on the horizon, and old colours sometimes still available, we start obsessing!

    When I got my first Balenciaga, I immediately began planning which other colours and styles I wanted, and I now have five bags. I know I will get more (yay Fall colours!) but I am not buying them as quickly as I did at first. Perhaps you will also slow down a bit once you get these first several out of your system. But I'm excited for you--you've got a great collection going!
  15. I'll definitely slow down. I have to.

    I just went over to the Hermes forum.....ummm, keep me out of there. If I get hooked on Hermes I'll have to declare bankruptcy!