I am a retarded, idiot, moron, schmuck!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok so after living a quite life of Chanel and LV, I just got my first Chloe, a anthracite paddy. Its TDF!! Oh all those wasted days, passing by the Chloe bags in NM, what was I thinking? :yahoo:

    I will post pictures later but I love this bag!!!!!!!!

    All the detailing is incredible!
  2. Yahoooooo!!!:yahoo: Welcome to those of us who L:heart:VE Chloe!! You've got one georgeous bag girl! Congrats!!:nuts:
  3. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
    Another Chloe die-hard fan in the making.... or was it already made??:graucho:
  4. ^Oh its on now girl! LOL
  5. Girl! I know JUST how you feel! I still have a closet full of LV & Fendi & feel super silly that I just discovered Chloe!
  6. Woohoo!!! Welcome to the Chloé lovers club Selena! :wlae:
  7. Congrats!:party:
    And what a great choice! The paddy in anthracite is beautiful!
  8. Thanks Guys! I will for sure be doing my Chloe research now! I just cant stop looking at it!!! Anything I should know about the care of this bag. Its so perfect and pretty I dont want to mess it up. Is it ok in the rain?
  9. he he, welcome over to the dark side ;)

    bet its not your last chloe lol :biggrin:
  10. OMG I just realized those deep side pockets.
  11. aaaahhhh girl. Don't beat yourself up. The past is the past. It is the new year and you have a great future with your new Chloe. If you had never carried those other bags, you would have never truely appreciated your Chloe. :tender: Better late than never. At least that is what I am telling myself also!!
  12. LOL!!! Chloe is REALLY addictive Selena! Watch out, but more importantly, HAVE SOME FUN! (And make sure those knee pads are ready to go)! LOL!
  13. ^ HA HA you should be a Chloe Counselor!! LOL
  14. Congrats, that's how chloe addiction begins! :biggrin: I'd love to see a picture of your new baby :nuts: Enjoy!

    Those deep side pockets are handy, aren't they? I often keep my keys there. Paddy's are quite sturdy, they do survive from rain perfectly well, no worries!
  15. 6 months ago I had none Selena and now I have 5!!! Isn't the leather tdf? Now you have to get a nonmetallic, even more smushy and wrinkly...yum!