I am a prisoner in my own home...

  1. because of this thing I found making a web on my front door this morning after a trip to Target! :throwup: I'm terribly afraid of spiders.

  2. OMG I'd be a prisoner too! It looks like a giant rat with 8 legs (although looking at pic can only see 7 legs) What are you going to do???
  3. If I were there I would take it outside for you. It is so funny that you took a picture of it!
  4. aww, its a little huntsman I think! poor thing! just think of all the horrid disease carrying flies & bugs shes getting rid of for you :biggrin:
  5. LOL, I totally agree!
  6. Don't you have a broom (to swish it off the door)?

    I don't get spider phobia. The only phobia I have is bees, but considering I'm allergic and not in the mood to DIE, I guess I'm entitled to that phobia.:shrugs:
  7. Ugh, I hate spiders. They just send me into fits of screaming ! It's for that reason alone (the need for a bug killer) that I probably can't live alone ! :biggrin:
  8. :lol:
  9. I have a Black Widow spider living by my front door! I've never seen one before ever, until now! It has the red violin thing and everything, and the other day it layed a sack of eggs I think. We always look everytime we leave the house, and we think its dead now, but we're not entirely sure. Needless to say I feel your pain!!! Luckily we're moving soon.:lol:

    That things a beast by the way! :throwup:
  10. At our last home, our shower was in the basement. I was taking a shower and a spider decided to pop in. I freaked out, slipped and fell out of the shower taking the shower curtain down with me. My husband grabbed the camera for that one. Worst of all he showed the picture to his parents.
  11. Oooh I think they do die after they lay eggs.... now, granted, I'm basing my information off of reading the book Charlotte's Web, so I may be wrong, lol. But if there are eggs... might want to remove those from your front door area too!

    As for the other one. I have a hard time killing them, and usually avoid them at all costs... but since the spider is already near the door, shoo it away with a broom! and use the broom to take down the webs too.
  12. ^^EWWW! Okay perhaps I'll look into that.
  13. When I was a single girl, I never went without Raid Bug Spray, it is in a green spray bottle. This was effective for every spider in El Paso, Tx and they had some nasty ones.
    My husband no longer allows us to keep it since he hates neurotoxins, being a chemist, he says they are bad for you. However, I didn't care when I was single, because I wasn't about to go out there and squish the thing.
    Black widow eggs are very dangerous, not to mention gross and ugly, I would have that gotten rid of immediately, even if you have to call an exterminator. The last thing you want is a black widow investation. We used to see them in the backyard in El Paso and they would get in between the lawn chair and the cushion. I was afraid of my lawn chairs and got rid of them.
    I have a major bug phobia.
  14. That thing is nasty. I wouldn't be able to walk past it. I'd be so freaked that it would jump on my back or head after I walked by. Good Lord I have goosebumps just thinking about it. :wtf:
  15. ewww I was washing my truck the other day and a big ugly brown thing was crawling on my door...I used the hose to spray him off but he came back and then he got the shoe....I hate spiders